Boxing Week came early! Plantastic deals all week long

Boxing Week came early! Plantastic deals all week long

Boxing week came early for all you plant parents! From Sunday Dec. 20th to Saturday Dec. 26th (Boxing Day) we’re hosting a week full of deals on our green amigos and pots! Ain’t that plantastic?! 

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We’re giving you the info up front so you can plan your buy. These deals run out when the green amigos are completely sold out! So our hot tip is to get your orders in early.

But the fun doesn’t end there... For the entire week, beginning Sunday Dec 20th you will get 25% off a pot, with the purchase of a plant

How it works:

  1. Add a green amigo to your cart
  2. Add a decorative pot for your green amigo to live in.
  3. When you go to your cart, the discount won’t show up, but we pinky promise it will be automatically applied to your order when you hit the “checkout” button. 

As for the rest of this week’s marvelous deals…

Sunday Dec. 20 - Monday Dec. 21st


Enjoy 40% off Simone, the Cat Palm

Simone brings tropical life into any room! Perfect for all of us who are dreaming more and more of that tropical oasis these days... If you treat Simone like the princess she is, this Cat Palm can become more precious with time and grow up to 6 feet tall! The best part? Simone is non-toxic, so all your furry friends can enjoy Simone’s presence and all you plant/pet parents don’t need to helicopter over your pets. 


Tuesday Dec. 22 - Wednesday Dec. 23rd


Take 40% off Mia, the Marble Queen Pothos

Queen P is in the house! This trailing beauty is one tough cookie. If you like being in the presence of a strong independent woman, Mia is one green amigo that’ll keep you motivated. Her leaves grow tremendously fast, which means there will be a huge vine draping through your room in no time. Her only request? Don’t hang her directly in sunlight.



Thursday Dec. 24 - Friday Dec. 25th


Take 40% off Pablo, our Peperomia Obtusifolia

He loves it when you call him big Pablo! In Brazil, the Peperomia plant is known to be gifted as a sign that “everything will be alright”, which is more of what we need to hear going into 2021. Pablo is one chill dude, and super friendly to pets. What more could you ask for?!


BOXING DAY - Saturday, Dec. 26th 

Surprises are fun, aren’t they? We’re gonna keep this one a secret until the day of..


Happy Holidays from team Plantsome. 
We can’t wait to continue growing with you in 2021.

Not vibing with the green amigos above? Use our plant finder to help you find the perfect match for your home or shop all plants here. 

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