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Guadelupe's survival guide

Shows you the real Mexico

Listen, what happened in Cabo on that Spring break trip when you were 18 and had that last splash of Tequila poured into your mouth by that hot Mexican bartender (sh*t - was I lying on the bar or on the floor?)... Anyway lets just say Mexico is sooo much more than that trip and the Agave is sooo much more than being the principle source of Tequila. Guadelupe should know, she is an Agave Blue Glow and a Mexican cultural ambassador extraordinaire. She lives in the "real" Mexico, away from the beach in a beautiful pueblo in Oaxaca. She will take your breath away when she belts out folk tunes by Lola Bertran and cooks mole and tamales using her family's traditional recipes. Viva Mexico! Viva Guadelupe!

pot has a diameter of 25 cm
Very little water needed
Not air purifying
Once every two to three years
50 cm tall, including pot
Bright direct light
Mildly toxic
Once every other week in summer

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What makes Guadelupe so special

Like all agave, Guadelupe will love you if you put her in a hot, sunny location - and leave her there! No fussing around here. She likes heat, not a lot of water and doesn't like to be bothered. When treated this way Guadeluupe will produce those beautiful blue-tinged leaves that are at once captivating and sharp! Keep the kids and pets away because Guadelupe can give quite the prick! Ouch!

By nature of how and where Agave plants are grown, some scarring will be present on the leaves. 

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