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Summer's survival guide

Wow, can you feel that?

Summer grew up by the ocean, she tells people she’s got her beautiful blonde locks from washing her hair in Himalayan sea salt and smashed avocados. Truth is, it’s literally just genetics, but Summer chooses to believe in the connection we have to nature. Summer has an entire folder on her phone dedicated to selfies, each pose says something about her mood. She sticks out her tongue so people know she’s having a good time. Yep, she’s a beauty and she knows it. She’s attention craving so but don’t over water her. Her beautifuly chiseled leaves would soak up all that water and that’s totally not a good Summer look.

pot has a diameter of 21 cm
Very little water needed
Not air purifying
Once every two to three years
34 cm tall, including pot
Bright direct light
Mildly toxic
Once every other week in summer

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What makes Summer so special

The Cream Spike Agave sprouts dark meadow-green leaves with a cream margin, hence the name. The ends are littered with purple-brown spikes so take care when handling or with little children and pets around. The Cream Spike Agave will flourish if placed in well-drained soil and allowed to absorb full sun. The watering needs for this plant are quite low. Water only when the top 3 inches of soil has dried out in spring and summer. Water only when the top 6 inches or 75% of the pot is dried out in fall and winter.

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