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Jumbo's survival guide

An elephant never forgets

Jumbo is a stunner to look at and quite easy to maintain. Make sure you keep him away from direct sunlight and keep the soil moist at all times. Jumbo is very chatty and he's a great listener. Have an occasional conversation with Jumbo and just watch those leaves grow!

pot has a diameter of 24 cm
Frequently, weekly water needed
Light air purifying
Once every two years
100 cm tall, including pot
Bright, no direct sunlight
Slightly toxic (sap)
Occasionally in summer

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What makes Jumbo so special

Jumbo is a real stunner of a plant. This Alocasia California absolutely loves it when the attention is all on him. And with leaves like that, Jumbo is pretty hard to ignore! Alocasia's are actually used as umbrella's by the animals that roam the Jungle. Jumbo's leaves can grow up to fifteen feet. It is said here at the office, that those leaves grow particularly well when there's a lot of gossip around. Whoops!

Alocasia California | Elephants Ear (XL)


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