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Barbra's survival guide

Dreams of her day in the sun

Barbra moved to New York City in hopes of making it on Broadway. Rough around the edges, confident, and utterly unforgettable. With her trusty Trader J’s tote bag in one hand, a one way train ticket in another, a head full of dreams and lips painted bright pink. “You’ll see me on all the billboards one day” She said. We don’t doubt it. Just look at her!

pot has a diameter of 21 cm
Low water needed
Excellent air purifier
Once every two years
30 cm tall, including pot
Bright light
Twice a year

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What makes Barbra so special

Aptenia Cordifolia ‘variegata’ is a South African native succulent. Barbra has heart-shaped, textured leaves, topped with magenta coloured flowers if you wanted to add a fresh pop of colour into your collection. Luckily, this gorgeous amigo is very easy to care for, they need very little water, can be grown outdoors, or kept as a houseplant by a sunny window. Barbra is self sufficient, low maintenance, and knows exactly what she wants! Water well when the soil has dried out. 

Aptenia Cordifolia | Heartleaf Iceplant (L)


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