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Buddy's survival guide

So good news...I saw a dog today

Buddy used to spend his days carving toys from fallen pine cones but it drove him nuts. The world seemed like such a big place with so much more to offer than the mindless toiling away at toys on Santa's production line. So one day, when no one was looking, Buddy carved a little Elven sleigh out of a large pinecone he had kept in an abandoned shed. He'd talked a big talk to his squirrel friends and they were all too eager to partake in what would become a wild adventure, rich with wonderful encounters. He'll have plenty of stories to tell you when you bring him home!

pot has a diameter of 30 cm
Regular water needed
Low air purifier
Once every two years
110 cm tall, including pot
Bright, direct light
Once a month in spring and summer

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What makes Buddy so special

Austrian Black Pines, or Pinus Nigra if you want to get technical, are a winter hardy pine that are known to survive in even in the poorest of soil conditions. Native to, you guessed it, Austria, this pine tree was introduced to the United States in 1759 and over 200 million of these fellas have been planted since. Our version is potted which makes for the perfect holiday accent with its long needles and funky looks. The Austrian Black Pine is tolerant to most conditions which makes it perfect for porches and patio's. If you want to keep yours indoors for the holidays, make sure to give it 5-6 hours of direct light and it'll be happy. Outside placement after the holidays is recommended for the best long term results.

Pinus Nigra | Austrian Black Pine (XL)



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