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Evangeline's survival guide

Where have you been, Evangeline?

Evangeline is too good at creeping around to be a mere houseplant. She’s always disappearing at the same time that President Obama is “standing right behind us” or when a loud crash causes everyone to simultaneously look away, giving her the perfect opportunity to slip out. Since she’s arrived, we’ve had more loud crashes and false Obama sightings than in the entire history of the company. She never tells us where she goes and we never ask because, naturally, we’re intimidated by her raw power. But that leaves one question: Where have you been, Evangeline?

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Frequent water needed
Strong air purifier
Once a year
18 cm tall, including pot
Indirect light or partial shade
Once every two weeks in spring and summer

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What makes Evangeline so special

Evangeline is a creeping inch-plant with thick foliage. Her leaves are green stemming from velvety red shoots that seem forever trailing. She loves partial shade but is fine with brighter conditions, as long as her soil is kept moist and it’s not too hot. Evangeline is awesome because she’s beautiful and easy to maintain but, just between us, she’s also terrifying. She won’t tell us how she got her nickname, Peru Turtle Vine, but, after days of feverish brainstorming in the conference room, we’re thinking she's got a history with Turtles in Peru, but we're still not sure.

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