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Anciano's survival guide

Loves your dry humour

Pop Quiz! Cacti are known to be really good at: a) storing water for long periods of time, b) living for long periods of time - up to 300 years, c) producing delicious, edible fruit, d) making hallucinogenic substances that induce a two-way communication with God. Answer: All of the above! Anciano is a False Saguaro Cactus, originally from South America, now lives in the Black Rock desert of Nevada. He loves where he lives because no one bothers him and he can just "be" - except when 70,000 Burners descend on his patch of paradise in early September. He does his best to hide under a rock or pretend to be some artsy sculpture representing nature but it's not easy. He survives Burning Man every year because no one seems to want to touch him - except for that one year when a small group of Freaks tried to smoke him. Thank God for spikes!

pot has a diameter of 21 cm
Very little water needed
Not air purifying
Once every two years
40 cm tall, including pot
Bright, direct sunlight
Once every two months (spring, summer)

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What makes Anciano so special

Anciano is a classic columnar (cool word alert) cactus - the one you see when Road Runner is dodging Coyote. In the wild they can really go supersize, up to 10 m tall! At home they rarely grow beyond a metre, though. These beauties are naturally found in the desert where the sun shines all day and the only shadow you can find is your own. Therefore, low humidity is no-problemo for this amigo but lots and lots of bright (sun)light is a must! Do keep the little ones away because cacti have spikes and Saguaro over here is no exception - his largest thorns can grow to be 5 cm long! Ouch!!

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