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Chris's survival guide

A world-class climber

Chris is an outlier, a rebel among his family, a thrill-seeker. While his cousins, Eileen and Gemma, spend all day being Instafamous, Chris prefers to hit the road and climb the most beautiful West Coast mountains. His favourite spot? Squamish, of course! Chris knows Eileen sometimes gets mad at him for not uploading his awesome adventures, but for him it's all about living in the moment. Amen!!

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Average water needed
Strong air purifying
Once every two years
20 cm tall, including pot
Partial shade, no direct sunlight
Slightly poisonous
Once every 3-4 weeks in summer

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What makes Chris so special

Chris loooves climbing. Place this Ficus Pumila, or Creeping Fig, in a bright location near a wall and nothing will stop him. Well, almost nothing. You see, Chris also enjoys chillin' in a hanging basket, where he can let his long hair flow without giving a damn! Just be careful because even though Chris is an easy-going plant, he tends to get a bit uncomfortable with pets.

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