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India's survival guide

A dracaena worth rooting for

India is officially called a Dracaena Reflexa Variegata but since we're not playing scrabble we named this beauty India. She's not as burly and tough-looking as her brothers Tito and Mojo but don't be fooled by her silky looking leaves! India is tough as nails which makes her low maintenance and easy to care for. A stunning plant with an easy going character, we love it!

pot has a diameter of 25 cm
Little water needed
Strong air purifyer
Once every two years
75 cm tall, including pot
Partial shade
Lightly poisonous
Not needed

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What makes India so special

Dracaena plants are beautiful and available in an abundance of varieties. India here is  certainly among one of the prettiest! She does not need a lot of water and will get really happy if you put her in a spot that is mostly shaded with some indirect light. She is a strong air purifier and takes out harmful substances such as benzenes like a kung-fu master. Ka-pow!

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