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Sara's survival guide

Has the hots for your shade

Sara is the introspective type. She doesn't like the spotlight, even though she's sure to attract a few admiring glances when people notice her. Must be the hair; every year, she changes it for a new look!

pot has a diameter of 15 cm
Regular water needed
Good air purifier
Every year
22 cm tall, including pot
Full or partial shade
Slightly toxic
Every other week in summer

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What makes Sara so special

One thing we can tell you about Sara is that she sticks to her roots; did you know her family name, Fatsia, actually comes from its similarity to the Japanese word eight? It is a reference to the number of leaves she produces! She's also very reliable. As long as you give her a good place in your house - in her case, that means away from the sun -, she will give you nice leaves and quality air.

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