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Harry's survival guide

Who needs a throne when you can have a trellis

Buying plant Harry is the closest you’ll come to being a princess. This trailing amigo will climb, vine and trail his way into your heart with his lush foliage of ever growing green leaves. Don’t worry thought, Harry will do it at a gingerly pace (heh). Harry may not be in line for a throne (a trellis, maybe?) but he’s still a catch. Lush leaves that are easy to care for are always a fan favorite here at Plantsome. Harry, you’ve won us over! We do recommend a spray bottle with water to keep his fans, dubbed “Harry Hunters”, out of your home and garden.

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Fairly little water needed
Strong air purifier
Every other year
14 cm tall, including pot
Bright indirect light
Fertilize monthly in spring and summer

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What makes Harry so special

English Ivy is a creeping vine plant that likes bright light and a moist soil to flourish but can do without and still survive. When you think of ivy you may think of crumbling buildings and lush trellises, but they make great houseplants too! Having an English Ivy plant at home is like having a piece of your very own fairytale. And please don't believe the fake news that Harry simply takes over everywhere he goes. On this side of the pond he can totally be tamed!

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