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Kalei's survival guide

The one that's a bit sensitive

Kalei is no stranger to jokes about his appearance. It’s unavoidable, when you look this much like a delicious breakfast food. He’s had strangers try to take a chomp out of him. He’s had girls ask him to drench himself in syrup. Once he even ended up in the kitchen of an iHOP. But nothing was worse than the week he hit puberty. Sometimes Kalei still hears the voices of the older kids at night, taunting him. “Flapjack Boy!” They call. “Do a flip for us, Flapjack Boy!” And, “Do your tears taste like butter, Flapjack boy?” It’s been ten years. He’s worried he’ll never be the same again. So promise to be nice, will ya!?

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
18 cm tall, including pot

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What makes Kalei so special

Kalei, also called the Paddle Plant or Flapjack Succulent because of his smooth, flat leaves. Flapjack Kalanchoe plants are desert succulents that can grow up to two feet tall. His signature jade green leaves develop deep red tips when given enough light and, in late winter and early spring, he blooms clusters of tubular, yellow flowers. Water him when his soil gets dry and, when grown on a patio or in a garden, bring him inside if the temperature drops below -7°C. He's also asked us, to ask you, not to talk about pancakes when he’s around. Something about his childhood.

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