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Olivia's survival guide

Sunny side up!

Nala Jr. is such a sweet little plant. She's not the fondest of being in the spotlight and tends to shy away from too much social activity but that's ok! Nala's introverted behaviour is so well balanced with her dazzlingly coloured leaves. And ominous looking as they may seem, the leaves of the Fittonia are non-toxic so safe for pets! No need to get nervous about Fifi throwing up after nibbling on Nala. Nice!

pot has a diameter of 25 cm
Regular water needed
Low air purifier
Every year
100 cm tall, including pot
Direct sunlight
Not toxic
Bi-weekly (summer)

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What makes Olivia so special

CAUTION: The Oleander Tree is very toxic. Although commonly seen as shrubs, in gardens, Oleander plants are highly toxic and can cause severe illness and even death when any part of the plant is ingested. Keep the Oleander plant away from children and pets at all times. 

The Oleander is a beautiful flowering tree that does very well on patio's and in gardens. These plants can be kept outside year round if temperatures do not fall below -5 degrees celsius. Fertilize bi-weekly in spring and monthly in winter when if move the tree back inside. Are you keeping notes? Water thoroughly every week in a well draining pot. She's pretty but she's needy!

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