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Larry's survival guide

Tries too hard

Larry tries too hard. He’s always trying to join in the conversation he’s not needed in or aimlessly talking about something nobody cares about. Don’t get me wrong, Larry’s a nice guy and everything but he’s got the self awareness of a desert cactus. It’s the beginning of the week. Everybody is tired. Impatiently waiting for Friday. And there goes Larry trying to blow up balloons for Monstera Monday. Stop it Larry! Those countless days in the desert totally messed up his ability to socialize and connect you know? Can you help us fix it?

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Very little water needed
Low air purifier
Once every two years
14 cm tall, including pot
Bright, direct sunlight
Slightly toxic
Once or twice a year

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What makes Larry so special

Larry is actually short for Opuntia Parryi Serpentina Cristata which is long for “prickly pear”, or in Larry’s case just a prick. Opuntia cacti need to be watered thoroughly when their soil is dry but only when it is really dry! And contrary to most of your green amigos, don't soak Larry, he hates it. A simple sprinkling of water is enough. So whatever you do, don’t invite your Larry out for drinks, he will talk down everybody’s mood.

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