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Bella's survival guide

Loves red velvet cupcakes

Wth a large family like Bella's, there is always an uncle ur aunt celebrating a birthday. There are over 500 different species of Peperomia but Bella doesn't mind going to all the celebrations because all of her family members are super easy going! Don't we all want a family like that?

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Frequent water needed
Strong air purifier
Once every three years
25 cm tall, including pot
Bright, no direct sunlight
Not toxic
Once a month in summer

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What makes Bella so special

Never judge a book by its cover is a well known saying, but did you know that this is true for some plants, too? Take Bella for example. On the surface she might look like your average green succulent, but she's hiding a sensational velvety red underneath that green canopy. The Peperomia Rubella is a creeping plant that will grow upright until the stems and leaves become too heavy after which she'll just containing trailing along. Bella's relatively easy to care for and likes humid environments. Rubella Peperomia is a succulent which also means she's easy to care for and doesn't mind skipping a drink here and there.

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