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Rory's survival guide

Bangers and stingers

Oi! Rory is a grand little fella. For him, life is too short not to reach for the stars and the bars! Oi, its beer o'clock somewhere mate! With an Irish mom and a Mexican dad, Rory pulls off wearing bright pink sombreros everywhere he goes! He's the kind of fella who makes everyone's time at a party memorable (but who invited him?!). Right on, Rory! Right on...

pot has a diameter of 21 cm
Very little water needed
Not air purifying
Once every two years
32 cm tall, including pot
Bright, direct sunlight
Once every two months (spring, summer)

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What makes Rory so special

The Mammillari Spinosissima (or Red-headed Irishman) is a stunning (or was it stinging?) cactus known for its colourful red spines and dazzling pink flowers. Like most cacti, Rory is easy to care for and enjoys being placed in a spot where he can get lots of sunlight. Oi mate, just hold off on the drinks though! Rory is not that into water, especially during winter.

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