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Seth's survival guide

Hang Loose

Shaka! That most respected hand greeting from the little patch of paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean called Hawaii. Seth comes from there - he was actually born in Australia but ended up in Hawaii (a story for another day) - and you only need to look at his hand-shaped leaves to know that this Dude's giving shakas, high fives and good vibes all day long. His sun-kissed blond highlights and good going nature mean that Surfer Seth is going to be happy wherever he ends up - and safe to say you will be too.

pot has a diameter of 15 cm
Moderate water needed
Every two years
30 cm tall, including pot
Bright (in)direct light
Toxic to pets
Once or twice a year

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What makes Seth so special

Seth is a sun worshipper, except like every surfer that doesn't apply the Zinc, Seth can end up a little burned in the mid day sun. Ideally keep Seth in morning and evening direct light or just out of the direct sun in a nice bright spot in your room. Seth is pretty chill about watering frequency but keep his roots out of the water - he doesn't like wet feet! We know, its kinda strange for surfer to be like that, but whatev brah, to each his own!

Schefflera Janine | Umbrella Plant (M)


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