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Jacques's survival guide

Easy there Jacques!

Jacques knows he doesn’t look like a stereotypical cactus. You don’t need to keep bringing it up. He knows that cacti are predominantly leafless but, guess what? Those wavy green things aren’t leaves. They’re flattened stems. And he knows cacti don’t normally look this gobsmackingly gorgeous hanging over a basket but it’s not his fault his flowers are so pretty. And, okay, your average cactus is a big prick compared to Jacques’s harmless, limp exterior, but that doesn't mean he won’t poke your eye out in a fight. So, go ahead, provoke him. Because Jacques is ready to eat some water-soluble cactus fertilizer or throw down...and he’s all out of water-soluble cactus fertilize!

pot has a diameter of 15 cm
Very little water needed
Every 2-3 years
22 cm tall, including pot
Bright, direct light
2-3 times per year

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What makes Jacques so special

Jacques would kick you in the face if it meant he could get a nice spot in some bright, indirect light. Jacques would punch you in the gut (or groin even) for a consistent, biweekly to monthly watering schedule that takes into account his low tolerance for cold water. Jacques would literally burn your house down for monthly doses of fertilizer to encourage healthy growth. Point is, watch out and download the Plantsome App so none of this has to happen!

Selenicereus Anthonyanus | Fishbone Cactus (M)


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