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Flip's survival guide

Flippin cool!

A plant with dolphin-shaped leaves?! Yup! In our opinion, the Senecio Peregrinus is the coolest plant of the moment. If you look at Flip's leaves, you will immediately understand why everyone calls him the 'Dolphin Plant'. Flip is just a lot of fun to hang around with - makes you feel kinda like your in a wholesome Disney adventure - you know the kind where everything just works out in the end. Flip, flip, flip ... we're a super-freaking-flippin' fan of you!

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
15 cm tall, including pot

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What makes Flip so special

His dolphin leaves are of course the most special thing about this green amigo but how do you take care of a plant with leaves shaped like a dolphin? You might think that Flip the Dolphin Plant needs a lot of water, WRONG! Sorrry, we didn't mean to yell. This green amigo is a cross between the Pea Plant and the Senecio Articularis, and is therefore a succulent. Water just a little, because Flip doesn't want to drown! Like his namesake dolphin, Flip likes to be in a warm bright place but keep him out of direct sunlight!

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