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Celia's survival guide

Her royal highness

Celia likes to disappear. It’s kind of her thing. It’s why she’s such a hard plant to find and why we were so proud to have her here. We’d already taken about a million photos before we realized we had the wrong plant. It was actually her younger sister Sylvie, masquerading as Celia to help her maintain her rare, cool girl image. Celia says she doesn’t mind hanging out with us, as long as there’s no photographic evidence. Sort of like high school all over again but it’s chill. We’re over it.

pot has a diameter of 21 cm
Average water needed
Once every year
28 cm tall, including pot
Bright, no direct sunlight
Once every month (summer)

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What makes Celia so special

Though some people know this plant as  “the wandering Jew”, Celia prefers the name “wandering queen” because it reflects how she feels on the inside. Her siblings, Willie and Sylvie, are done with the name too. We support our plants so we’re committed to the rebranding. Place Celia in indirect light and keep her soil moist but don’t water directly into her crown or she could get root rot. Nothing queenly about that.

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