Plants for pet parents

Got a little ūüź∂ or ūüźĪ at home that loves to play with your plants? We've got you covered with our selection of plants that play nice with pets!

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The mission:

Plants are green but so is our mission! Plantsome is setting out to turn homes and offices into urban jungles using only the highest quality tropical plants hand picked by the Plantsome team. And our green mission doesn't end there. Our business processes are optimized to reduce our carbon footprint, too!

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Our plant finder makes it real easy

Ready to transform your home to an urban jungle filled with green amigos? Our plant finder helps you pick plants that are perfect for you.

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The journey to your new plant

Take the fuss out of buying a new green friend

Find your plant

Finding a new plant was never easier. Using our plant finder you'll make light work of filtering for the perfect plant that fits your home. Still can't find the right one? We love to help! Send us a note via email or WhatsApp!


Choose a pretty pot

Our wide selection of pots will match any home decor. Trendy, modern and urban chique - we have it all. Pots are essential to complete the look and we love helping you with that, too! Saves you another trip!


Delivery to your home

Red alert! Red alert! Incoming customer order! As soon as you place your order our team will be hard at work to guarantee your plant arrives quickly and safely in our special plant boxes that guarantee a safe delivery.


There's an app for that!

Caring for plants stressful much? Say no more! Use the Plantsome app and say goodbye to rotting roots and wilting leaves! Still having trouble? Drop us a text, DM or send an old fashioned email. We love to help!


From the nursery, straight to your home.

At Plantsome we get our plants fresh from our nursery multiple times a week. All of the nurseries that we work with are local to the area you live in. At garden centres or Plant shops you may find plants that have been in stock for weeks. Plants that are ordered from Plantsome are usually only in our care for a few days. This is how we can guarantee only the best quality plants for your home. And in the end that is what matters!

Plant care without a care in the world using the App

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new green amigo

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Buying Plants online at Plantsome

Here at Plantsome, we try to take the hassle out of buying a plant online. We bring you the perfect plant that's right for your home, right to your home! We believe that buying a new plant should be fun! Besides, we love giving you advice when buying a plant online. Did you know that all plants are great at purifying the air and generating oxygen? Some are better than others so we've already curated a list of best purifying plants. Ahh yes, that makes shopping easy! Read more