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Hello! Fancy seeing you here. If you're reading this that means you've taken an interest in coming to work for Plantsome. We believe that plants do incredible things for people - they bring joy, health and simple, unpretentious beauty to the world. Bringing people and plants together is what Plantsome is all about. We take great pride (and responsibility) in ensuring that the experience of bringing person and plant together is fun, simple, informative and is full of positive, even quirky surprises. If that sounds like an environment you'd want to be a part of, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and submit your resume. If we don't have any active positions available to your liking, we still value hearing from you. Things change and you never know when another role opens up!

Our current positions:

  • Customer service agent & Plant Care Specialist

    Surrey, British Columbia
    Customer Service
  • Greenhouse Operations Associate | Part-Time

    Surrey, British Columbia

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