All about plants and light

All about plants and light

Just like people and food, each green amigo is unique and has a different taste in terms of light. While some plants like to have tons of bright sunlight, others prefer the shade and some like a little of both. This can be hard for plant parents who already have to think about watering and other plant needs. And to make it worse, terms like indirect light and partial shade are often thrown around, leading to even more confusion. To help, we've put together all the information you need to know about plants and lighting. So say goodbye to sun burnt leaves!

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Direct Light

Let's start with the basics. Direct light refers to any light that comes through a window and shines directly onto your green amigo (#nofilter). It's the same type of warm sunlight pets like to sit under during the day and is most common in South-facing windows. Unlike our furry amigos though, plants have a harder time withstanding direct light and most get burnt if put right next to a bright, sunny window. But some amigos like our friends Wendy and Joe absolutely looove the sun. Just make sure to introduce these light-loving amigos to the full sun slowly, as most houseplants begin their lives in nurseries without a lot of direct light. Start by placing your new green amigo in a sunny spot for an hour and slowly begin to increase its time in the sun each day.

Amigos that like direct light/full sun

Bright, indirect light

Okay, now things get slightly more complicated. The term bright, indirect light is the most common and also the most confusing term for plant light care. Basically, indirect light is any sunlight that goes through or hits an object before reaching your green amigo. Good examples of this are a sunny window with a sheer curtain or turned down blind, as well as any light that reflects off of an object before hitting your green amigo.

Amigos that like bright, indirect light

Shade/partial shade/low light

Shade, partial shade and low light are similar terms that are often used interchangeably. Shade refers to an area that does not get any direct light, while partial shade is a spot that gets only a few hours of sun each day. In the garden, these terms are straight forward, but indoors it's easier to look at shade and partial shade in terms of light intensity. Plants that like partial shade should be placed approximately 2-3 metres away from a window or next to a North-facing window where they can get some bright light for a few hours a day. Plants that like shade should be placed approximately 3 meters or further from the window, in a North facing room, low light basement, or anywhere they are not hit with direct light.

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Amigos that like partial shade

Amigos that like shade/low light

Anything goes!

We're not kidding! These green amigos can be put pretty much anywhere in your home, as long as it has some degree of light.


Now you know everything you need to get that perfect light level for your green amigos. But wait! Now they're looking kind of thirsty... Check out our past blog to learn all you need to know about watering!

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