Gift box, I choose you!

Forgot about a birthday? Gift box! Forgot about your wedding day? Gift box! Ran away at the altar? Gift box! In a fight with your mother-in-law? Gift box! In fact, you should buy at least a dozen of these just in case...(that's genius!) Familiar with our gift box? Buy one here!

gift box
gift box item

Hey Eddy!

Eddy's a Tillandsia. That doesn't ring a bell? Ok we'll explain. Ed is also called an 'air plant'. Ah yes, you heard about those? Ed is Fred's brother and both are experts at making people happy. Both brothers are excellent gifts!

Time to pick!

Did you decide to make someone happy with our physical gift box? Great choice my friend!

  • Gift card 10.00
  • Gift box 7.95
  • Plant care app Free
  • Total price 17.95
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