11 Father’s Day Gift Ideas - For The One That’s Always Rooting For You!

11 Father’s Day Gift Ideas - For The One That’s Always Rooting For You!

Father’s Day is around the corner, and you might be thinking of switching it up this year (hey, Dad can only have so many quirky socks, ties, and “#1 Dad” mugs, right?). Give him a gift that grows this year (or one that’s already grown up) , he raised you and you turned out perfectly fine, right? RIGHT?!

We’ve cut out the guesswork and put together a list to help you find the perfect green amigo gift for Dad this year. Boom, shopping made easy and delivered straight to you. 

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Choose a green amigo from our Father’s Day collection and have your gift delivered right in time for Father’s Day.  
Plus add our Father’s Day card at checkout for an extra punny, personalized, straight-from-the-heart kind of message ;) 

For the starter #PlantDad: Gus | Snake Plant

He may be a super-dad, but his plant parent skills are a little… questionable. Gus is the perfect buddy for the dad who doesn’t have a green thumb - Gus doesn’t really need frequent watering and isn’t finicky with how much sunlight he needs. Just put Gus in a shady spot and water him once in a while and he’ll be happy!

Order gifts before June 13th to guarantee Father’s Day delivery! 
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For the Health Nut Dad: Vera | Aloe Vera 

Calling out to the dads who are all decked out in cycling gear, joined a crossfit group, is surprisingly flexible in yoga class, and may or may not be actively participating in daily quarantine walks. Vera is great at cleansing the air, can be used to soothe cuts, and isn’t choosy with her sunlight intake!

For the Dog/Cat Dad: Beau | Ponytail Palm 

Some dads adore their four legged companion, if this sounds like your dad - get him a green amigo that is also non-toxic towards pets! Aside from being pet-friendly, Beau looks pretty darn cool, doesn’t need too much watering, and loves being kept in a sunny spot.


For the Dad who can’t resist a good deal: Bucky | Money Tree

According to Chinese culture, the Money Tree is said to bring luck and prosperity. This is a great opportunity to spoil your old man a little and give him the gift that keeps on giving! Plus, his unique shape sets Bucky apart from other houseplants! Talk about a good deal!

For the Happy go lucky Dad: Alfredo | Monstera 

This is for the dads that didn’t mind rolling in the dirt with you, the dad who taught you how to ride a bike, the number you call when you’re having car troubles, your number one fan! Tell dad you love him with this classic green amigo! Alfredo doesn’t mind the occasional missed watering and is adaptable with his lighting needs!

For the Dad who enjoys the finer things in life: Lilly | Peace Lily 

If your dad is a little bit bougie and has refined taste, we got just the green amigo for him. Lilly adds an understated elegance to any room - plus she’s not too needy, just place her in partial shade and she’ll reward you with beautiful blooms!

For the Dad who enjoys the simple things in life: Johanis | Whale Fin Snake

Johanis has a simple charm that is often drowned out by other flashy and trendy plants of today’s hashtag society. If your dad enjoys the simple pleasures in life, Johanis might be right up his alley! Plus, he doesn’t need to be babied or coddled, it’s almost impossible to kill Johanis. 

For the Cool Dad: Willie Tradescantia | Nanouk


The cool dads aren’t like other regular dads - they don’t wear loose cargo shorts and sun-faded baseball hats. If your dad still has his bad boy charms, Willie's alternating colour scheme of his leaves - dark green ribs contrasting with a deep purple might just ooze the perfect level of coolness for him. And dads don't be warned - this one doesn't requires a lot of work.

For the Early Riser Dad: Gino | Coffee Plant

Is your dad a coffee addict? Because Gino is too! Some home brew may be in the works if Gino is kept happy, which means misting his leaves every now and again - just water though, hold the milk!  

For the Office Dad: Luke | ZZ Plant 

The virtually unkillable Luke is perfect for the 100-zoom-meetings a-day type of Dad. Luke won’t be an added stressor to Dad’s workday and is good company when sitting at a desk all day. Plus green amigos are known to boost productivity at work, a win-win for everyone. Luke is super chill and doesn’t need frequent food or watering (bi-weekly to monthly watering is totally fine with this chill dude) - just place him in indirect light and he’s good to go! 

For the indecisive Dad: Plantsome Giftbox

If your dad is impossible to shop for *cough* picky AF *cough*, give him the gift of choice - plus something to open on Father’s Day! This gift box includes a gift card (amount of your choosing) and Fred the air plant, and a throne for Fred to sit on! We hear Fred makes an awesome office pal - just a light misting here and there is perfect for this little spiky dude. 

With a little help from these green amigos, you’ll be pushed right to the top of Dad’s favourite kid list. That exists right?!...

 Find the perfect green amigo match for Dad using our Plant Finder. 
Or Shop our Father’s Day Collection to find something just right. 

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