5 Perfect Plants for the 2023 Patio Season

5 Perfect Plants for the 2023 Patio Season

You're probably getting lots of Vitamin D now that the sun is shining, but your plants want some too! (We know... they're clingy.)

If you're looking to adorn your outdoor space with some green amigos, look no further than these sun bums. Place these plants out on your balcony or patio for the ultimate outdoor sanctuary all of your neighbours will envy.

Baloo | Banana Plant

The banana plant is summer in plant form! These plants can grow quite large, so placing them outside where they can soak up all the sun is ideal for them. Don't be put off by its small size—it's just waiting to get nestled in its forever home before spreading its leaves! Give your banana plant lots of water and get ready to make endless banana smoothies.

Cranerys | Bird of Paradise

Same same, but so very different! The bird of paradise can look quite similar to the banana plant once they're both grown up, but don't be fooled—there is no potassium to be found here. The bird of paradise plant is the talk of the town in every town. Big and lush with deep green leaves, he will bounce and sway majestically and make you feel all kinds of ways. This plant loves the sun, so don't be shy. Get him out there!

Li Xiu | Calamondin Orange Tree

You know what's better than growing oranges indoors? Growing them outside. Trust us. 

The calamondin is a super popular citrus fruit that not only looks cute, but tastes cute too. He will be even cuter if you place him outside in full sun, and give him lots of humidity. Li Xiu, nice to meet you.

Veronica | Pineapple Plant

Hope you're hungry, because Veronica the pineapple plant is also wanting a seat at the patio table. You probably shouldn't eat her because that's basically planticide, but you can enjoy her spiky fronds and sweet aroma all summer long! Humidty, bright light, and slightly dry soil are key for her to look her best.

Vicky | Reed Palm

Rivaling the bird of paradise for most boisterous fronds is the reed palm! This plant can certainly handle the sun, but you'll need to keep an eye on (and a finger in) its soil to ensure it doesn't dry out. Give it lots of humidity by misting it in the mornings and allow those droplets to evaporate throughout the day! You'll also want to give her frequent haircuts if you notice leaves drying out, as these could attract pests, and ain't nobody got time for that. 

Who is your new patio companion going to be? Let us know at hello@plantsome.ca if you need more recommendations—our list just goes on and on! 

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