5 tips for your plants to survive the heat

5 tips for your plants to survive the heat

Summer is just a month away! And after last week's wave of hot weather, it can seem like summer is already here. When the sun comes out, people may suffer from things like sweat stains, poor sleep and sunburn. But our green amigos fair much worse. For many houseplants, warmer weather can lead to heat stress. This can mean saggy leaves, dry soil, and even sunburn. To ensure that your green amigos have fun in the sun, we have made a list of five tips to make sure your plants survive the heat!

1. Avoid direct sunlight

In warmer months, the sun can be extremely bright and easily burn houseplants that are directly in front of a window. To prevent your plants from sunburn, put them in a shadier spot with less direct light.

2. Water in the morning or evening

If possible, water your plants early in the morning or later in the evening. During these times, the temperature is cooler, so the water you give your plant will not evaporate before the roots have time to absorb it.

During warmer days, you can assume that your plant will need twice as much water as normal. So make sure to give your green friends a large splash of water every two days. If you want to know the exact amount of water to give your plant, download our Plantsome app! It will take the weather forecast into account and give you a notification with the exact amount of water your plant needs.

3. Keep it cool

During warmer months, try to keep your home as cool as possible. Closing your curtains during the day and opening your windows at night helps keep your home's temperature the same throughout the day. This is important for plants because they cannot tolerate sudden changes in temperature. It is also important to be careful with air conditioners, as they can create a sudden wave of cold, dry air. If you do use an air conditioner, try not to place your plants directly in its airflow. You can also opt instead for a fan, as they are great for plants.

4. Spraying

Moisture makes the air much cooler so regularly spraying your plants with water is an excellent way to keep them happy during the warmer months. We recommend a watering can like the Wave, which includes a sprayer. Another option is to place a container with water next to your plants so that the water evaporates into the air.

5. Stop feeding

Plants get a lot of extra energy when there is more sun and heat. So during warmer months, plants don't need energy boosters like fertilizer or plant food. Think of it like that time you had a cup of coffee at night and deeply regretted it, as you lied in bed with your eyes wide open. Same idea!


Hopefully you and your green amigos will be able to have some fun in the sun! If you have more questions or concerns, feel free to reach out at: hello@plantsome.ca / Facebook / Instagram.

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