7 Simple Ways to Style Plants in Your Home

7 Simple Ways to Style Plants in Your Home

Styling plants in your home can be a fun and challenging task to tackle, but can be extra stressful if you don’t have the vision quite right. Plant obsessions are real, and the lack of space in our homes can make it even more challenging to style our plants. But let us tell you, there are simple solutions to every problem! You just have to find the right style technique that works for you. 

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There are three important questions to ask before styling plants in your home. 

  1. What is the style vision?
  2. How easy is it to achieve your vision?
  3. What materials do you need to re-create the latest inspo pin on your Pinterest board?

We’ve put together a list of simple plant styling tricks to point you in the right direction!

Hang your plants

Limited floor space for your plants? Crowded counters? Look up and embrace your ceilings! Hang your plants from your ceilings to create an awesome boho-vibe in your home. You can hang multiple plants side-by-side by grouping plant hangers in threes and adjusting them to varying heights. The green amigos will really enjoy hanging out together. Pun intended. ;)  

Hanging Macramé planter pots in living room full of tropical plants
Photo credit: Instagram @shannieee

Looking for something boho-chic? The Boule hanging pot is for you.

Create your own urban jungle corner

This one is a fun one! All you need is a boat load of plants in all different sizes. To start, choose a corner in your home and create a little nook, add a reading chair and maybe a bookshelf to keep a copy of The New Plant Parent by Darryl Cheng (@houseplantjournalnearby. Add in your biggest green amigos first, think Marty the Areca Palm, Eileen the Fiddle Leaf Fig, Simone the Cat Palm or any other XL green amigo you have! 

Urban jungle corner home decor - how to style your houseplants.Photo credit: Instagram @my_tiny_jungalow 

Add a side table to your space, pepper in some medium-sized plants, and some small plants on the side table and bookshelf. If you’re feeling a little daring, add in a hanging plant to the corner of the room! This method of styling plants creates the ultimate indoor jungle - you know, the look we obsess over on Instagram. 

Set your plants up on a shelfie

Haven’t you heard? Plant shelfies are all the rage these days! It’s an effective way to not only organize your plants, but also show off some of your individual style by incorporating objects such as sculptures, books, pictures, candles, you name it! When creating your own plant shelfie, consider adding different sized objects to keep it interesting to the eye. 

Plant shelfie home decor


Bundle Up

Bundled up green amigos make the ultimate #squadgoals. You can pair varying types of plants together, stacking large plants in the back such as Alfredo the Monstera Deliciosa, and smaller plants in the front, like Willie the Tradescantia Nanouk.

Bundling plants together has actually been shown to be beneficial for the green amigos too. Most tropical plants love humidity so you can place humidity loving amigos together to create a hot and steamy environment for them. 

Add a terrarium to your space

A home within a home! How cool? Terrariums are an awesome focal point in your home, office, studio or wherever you want to place it. They create their own ecosystem that is unique to them. They also require little care and attention - terrariums pretty much water themselves. Learn more here.

Boris the DIY Terrarium - all supplies delivered to your doorstep.

Make a space POP with colour

If green ain’t your thing, there are so many plants that boast vibrant patterns and colours, such as the Calatheas, Bromeliads, Tradescantias, and loads more! Plants are ridiculously awesome and super versatile as they can come in so many different colours  - pink, purple, yellow, orange… the list goes on. Choose your favourite colours and get grouping your plants together! 

Keep it Simple

More of a minimalist?! This one is easy! Find a glass vase or glass propagation tube, grab a cutting off of your most luscious pothos and place it on your counter alongside other objects. This look is clean, extremely easy to create, and you can grow another plant out of it. That is a win-win-win situation if you ask us! 


Styling your tropical plants in your home should be fun and stress free! Get the right materials you need delivered right to your doorstep, hassle-free. Shop plantsome.ca today!

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