7 Unique Plant-Themed Gifts for the 2020 Holiday Season

7 Unique Plant-Themed Gifts for the 2020 Holiday Season

Making a 2020 gift list and checking it twice? Here’s an idea! Leave some room on your holiday list for a hearty houseplant - it’ll hit the nail on the head for everyone on your list! Did you know that indoor plants are the ultimate holiday gift in 2020? No seriously, it’s true! We promise we’re not just saying that...

Plantsome’s stacked roster of unique plant-themed gifts will surely knock the socks off any gift recipient who's lucky enough to receive a green amigo this year! 


But keep in mind, not every Plant Parent is created equally, so there are a few things to consider when buying plants for a loved one or a friend. Do they have pets? Opt for pet friendly plants! Would they prefer a low-maintenance plant? Go for Kaa, the Snake Plant! Are they someone who loves a challenge? Try gifting a plant that's a bit more high-maintenance, like Eileen, the fiddle leaf fig. 

Whoever you’re buying for this season, we’ve selected our top picks of Plantsome’s green gifts for the 2020 Holiday Season! 


Blow your gift recipient away with Boris, the DIY Terrarium. Boris comes well-equipped with at least 6 plants, organic soil mix, and lava rocks for drainage. Boris the terrarium is an awesome project for stir-crazy kiddos to help with, for any plant parent to create, and also looks great as a decorative statement in a home.

DIY Terrarium Kit - Plantsome


Boris is so fun to make and extremely easy to take care of long after he gets filled up with the green goods. But we have one rule to help Boris live a long and prosperous life: Don’t take off the cork lid. If there is condensation inside, you can take the lid off to help it escape, but it should not be left off for longer than one day. 

Pro Tip: you can even add a little piece of personality to spice up the terrarium, such as a crystal or two! 


Plantsome’s DIY Succulent Bowl Kit will surely be a hit! ...but you can’t be afraid to get your hands a little dirty. The succulent kit comes with 1 decorative bowl, 3 mini succulents, and Plantsome’s organic succulent mix! It’s a fun and memorable gift and is very low maintenance year-round. You’ll only have to water Jo, Mo, and Flo a little bit here and there. 

 DIY Succulent Bowl Kit


Check out our tutorial on how to make the DIY Succulent Kit.


Give the gift of choice this holiday season, but with a Plantsome twist! The gift box experience is the whole plant “unboxing experience” just on a smaller scale. The lucky recipient of your gift will receive a very low maintenance air plant named Fred, a throne for Fred to sit on, and a gift card with the amount of your choosing. Green amigo gifting made easy with Plantsome’s experiential gift box! 

Gift Box includes - air plant, air plant throne and gift card.


Do you have a home decor-loving human in your life whose house is always booming with the latest trending style? Consider gifting them a stylish pot that either hangs from the ceiling in perfect boho-fashion (like our Fiona or Elijah Pot) or grab a plant stand to elevate their modern-farmhouse look with (Isaac on stand). Lastly, you can opt for a crowd-pleasing classic clean look like the Boule pot. 

...because nobody wants to stare at a plant sitting in a plain nursery pot all day. 

Isaac pot on 4-legged wooden stand


Walter White, the watering can and Jesse, the Plantsome spray bottle are awesome gift ideas to give to well, just about anyone who owns plants. Tropical houseplants love a good regular misting to increase their humidity, and for obvious reasons a watering can is a nice-to-have in a house of plants. Especially if it looks as trendy as Walter White...

Jesse a spray bottle to be used as a mister for tropical plantsWatering can for tropical plants with a long spout


Have a holiday hostess in mind, but won’t be able to see them this year? Consider sending them a holiday gift just because you’re thinking of them or only thinking about their delicious holiday spread… hey! we get it. Arthur is a festive tree, but guess what?! He lasts longer than just the holiday season and looks fresh if your home year-round. 

Check out our Norfolk Pine Duo Bundle so you can hit two birds with one stone (but not really because that’s cruel). Try gifting one and getting one for yourself this holiday!

 Norfolk Island Pine for Holidays

Oh, and while you're green gifting don't forget to throw in Plantsome's holiday greeting card. Because whatever you celebrate, we can all agree on one thing...

Plant-themed greeting card for christmas

Not satisfied with the gift ideas on this list? Try emailing us at hello@plantsome.ca or DM us on Instagram with your budget and we would be happy to give you our personally picked green amigo gift ideas!

Happy shopping! 


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