Deck the Halls Green: Plant-Inspired Holiday Decor

Deck the Halls Green: Plant-Inspired Holiday Decor

'Tis the season to break free from the usual holiday decor and infuse your space with Plantsome magic. Let’s trade in the traditional for the extraordinary and create a lush, green winter wonderland. We've got some fun, sustainable, DIY ways for you to incorporate tropical houseplants into your holiday decor, making your home a festive paradise with a botanical twist!

Pining for More Than a Tree
Whether you're low on space, or searching for something to compliment your Christmas tree, look no further! Our Norfolk Pine, Euro Cypress, and Cypress Lemon are holiday classics, standing tall and proud. Dress them up with baubles and lights, transforming them into enchanting mini-Christmas trees. Ideal for tabletop or mantle displays, these trees bring a touch of the holidays with a tropical twist!

Wreaths That Live and Breathe
Say goodbye to mundane store-bought wreaths and let your creativity run wild. Craft your own wreaths using lush ferns, colorful succulents, or clippings from your favorite plant pals. Tie it all together with a touch of glittery ribbon – a living work of art that adds vibrancy and life to your door!

Elf Shenanigans in the Jungle
Elf on a Shelf? How about Elf on a Plant Shelf! Get the kids involved in the green holiday fun as the mischievous elf tends to your indoor jungle or brings a new pet plant. Leave a note on plant care, giving the little ones a chance to showcase their green thumbs! Who knew an elf could be so plant-savvy?

Tiny Plant Village, Big Magic
Who doesn't love a timeless Christmas village? Craft a delightful mini plant village with various small plants or introduce live Cypress and Pines into your village landscape. Illuminate the scene with tiny fairy lights and whimsical figurines for a magical effect. It's not just a display; it's a mini green utopia!

Gift Wrap Unleashed
Elevate your gift wrapping game by infusing a botanical touch. Start with recyclable brown paper and adorn your packages with sprigs of Pine, Holly, or fragrant Eucalyptus. Not just a feast for the eyes, your gifts will also fill the room with the delightful scents of the season. Consider tucking in tiny Pothos or Monstera cuttings for an extra dash of green whimsy! Who said sustainable can't still be beautiful!?

Terrarium Tabletops
Create holiday Terrariums that capture the festive spirit. Pair miniature holiday figurines with colorful stones and small Succulents or air plants. It's like having a holiday snow globe without the cleanup! Our top-tier Terrariums like Boris and Chico can add an extra flair to your festive display.

Green Party Favors to Remember
Send your guests home with mini potted plants as party favors! It's a lovely gesture that leaves a lasting impression. Opt for Succulent or Cactus trios for that extra value or explore our festive Holiday Bundles for more party favour ideas!

This holiday season, dive headfirst into the world of plant-inspired decor. Embrace the unconventional, the quirky, and the utterly delightful. With Plantsome, your home will be a vibrant, green paradise – the perfect backdrop for celebrating the most wonderful time of the year. Deck the halls in green, let the tropical spirit shine, and may your holidays be full of botanical joy! Happy decorating! 🌟🎄🌿

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