Father’s Day Gift Guide 2024

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2024

We 💚 our plant dads! Don’t pass up the chance to make his year a greener one with a brand new plant. After all, it’s the best (silent) companion for game day, a conversation starter for his annual backyard BBQ, and a loyal friend through thick and thin.

We’ve conjured up some top picks in our Father’s Day Collection for easy shopping—it’s full of easy-care, extra manly looking plants (is that a thing?) so you’re sure to find the one.

Overwhelmed with choice? Here’s a list of our top top picks for Father’s Day 2024!


Boris the Terrarium | L

For the DIY-dads who love to get their hands dirty! Boris the terrarium is the perfect gifting solution—it’s thoughtful, meditative to put together, and makes for a great bonding experience.


Peperomia Obtusifolia | Green (S) | Ronaldo

Gooooooooooooal! Ronaldo the Peperomia Obtusifolia is a fan favourite, and not just because of his good looks (okay, they might have something to do with it). Easy to care for, pet friendly, with thick, spoon-like leaves, this plant really has it all.


Pachira Aquatica | Money Tree (S) | Bucky

Father’s Day gifts? In this economy? No need to stress—after all, money can grow on trees. Get that money, honey, with Bucky the Money Tree! Easy to care for and easy to look at, the Pachira is a popular pick due to its association with prosperity. Let the good vibes flow.


Zamioculcas (M) | ZZ Plant | Luke

Incoming “Luke, I am your father” joke. The easiest and zz-iest, the Zamioculcas is the ultimate neglect-proof plant that could withstand even the bacheloriest bachelor pad. With strong, ladder-like stems and deep green foliage, it’s as much a work of art as it is plant.


Sansevieria Masoniana Variegata | Variegated Whale Fin Snake (L) | Johanis

Maybe your dad has been around the plant block before. He is, after all, a cool dad. Opt for something unique and striking, like our Sansevieria Variegated Whale Fin! No, you can’t flip burger patties with it, but you can set it on the table and admire it from afar. How fun!

Shop our entire Father's Day Collection for more plants he's sure to love!

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