How To Best Care For Your Indoor Plants

How To Best Care For Your Indoor Plants

So you bought a plant…

Your first steps in the plant world have been taken and you see a bright future together with your green amigos. But how do you make sure that this vision of you and your plant friend stays bright and uninterrupted by a brown or hanging leaf? Plant care matters because no one wants to mourn the loss of a leaf... 

For example, do you know when your houseplant needs water? And what about plant nutrition? And why do you actually need a spray bottle?! You already have a watering can, right? 

...We'll explain!


Watering Your Plants

It sounds super simple, right? But how do you know when your plant needs water? And how much water does it actually need? Interior decor shot - caring for your indoor plants, watering cans, trailing pothos

The Plantsome App is the solution. It will help you determine how much and how often your green friend needs a drink. The app will calculate how much water your green friend needs based on your location, its placement and the size of your plant. #Easypeasylemonsqueezy.


Wet your plants with Walter White

Walter White (our watering can) can help you water your plants. This caring friend ensures that your leaves remain strong and healthy. Walter White goes with any interior. He’s sleek, modern and easy on the eyes - so you can keep him out of the closet and next to your plants.  

Walter White the houseplant watering can

Plant nutrition

I like big .. plants and I can not lie! Do you want the best for your plants? Then plant food is really an indispensable part of the care because it gives your plant everything it needs to stay healthy.

It is important that you feed your plant at the right time. This should only be done during your green amigo's growth period when the plant actually needs more nutrients to grow. The growing period is typically from March to October. Often, giving once every two weeks is more than enough.

Besides fertilizers, there are also soil enhancers like our Marphyl Organic Soil Enhancer which contains an abundance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the marine phytoplankton - basically a superfood for your green amigo. It is high in potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus, and also contains trace amounts of other nutrients such as calcium and magnesium to optimize your plant’s health and growth. 

Spray bottle

Many plants originally come from the jungle where there is very high humidity. Your house may look like an Urban Jungle, but we don't think you have an indoor humidity of 80% …

This means your green amigos would definitely appreciate you spraying them with water here and there. This can also help remove dust from the leaves which allows your plant to absorb more light through its leaves. This light is eventually converted into oxygen and glucose - providing your plant with even more nutrients. 

Jesse, our spray bottle is your plant’s ‘misting’ link

Jesse holds 600ml of water which is plenty enough to up your misting game. Make it rain, baby!




We believe that with the right amount of watering, plant food and a spray bottle, you can lead a long and happy life together with your beloved green friends. Curious about more amigos? Then search for your perfect match through our Plant Finder! 

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