How to Prep Your Plants for the Summer Heat

How to Prep Your Plants for the Summer Heat

It's heatin' up over here at Plantsome HQ, and while we may rejoice after feeling the sun's rays, our plants may hold a different opinion.

Whether you're battening down the hatches for an upcoming heatwave, or preparing your green amigos to be left during your vacation, (separation anxiety, anyone?) there are certain things you can do to ensure your plants pull through with their best frond forward.

1. Location, location, location!

Probably the best tip we can give you if you could only use one (although we hope you're able to use all of them!) is to take care of where you're placing your plants this summer.

Protecting them from the sun's harsh rays is key. Pulling them into a slightly shadier room, moving them a few extra feet back from the window, or pulling a sheer curtain over your window will suffice! Keeping your windows closed during the day (provided there are curtains or blinds down) will actually help keep your home a bit cooler as well. 

Bunching them together will also help boost humidity, which we will touch in a later point.

2. Don't forget to water!

Just as you need water on hot days, so do your plants. You may be shocked at just how fast their soil can dry out in the summer, so it's important to stay diligent. If you notice the nursery pot feels extra light, there is a gap between the soil and the pot, or the soil feels dry when you poke your finger in, it's time to give it a soak.

Be sure to water your plants deeply and slowly. This will ensure moisture is reaching the entire root system, rather than just dumping out the sides. Keep going until you notice water trickling out of the drainage holes.

Alternatively, you can give your plant a deep soak this summer! It's like a pool party for your plants. Fill up a basin or sink with a few inches of water and plop your plants in (nursery pots and all). The roots will suck up all the water they need through the drainage holes within 15-30 minutes. After, all that's left to do is to drain your sink, let the excess water drip out of your plant, and voila! Bonus: this watering method will also boost the humidity for your green amigo. SCORE. 

3. Boost that humidity up.

Speak of the devil. Our tropical plants love warmth and humidity, so be sure to crank up the humidifier in the summer months! 

If you don't have a humidifier, you can use a mister to spray the leaves in the morning, use a pebble tray, group your plants together, or put them in the bathroom while you're showering! 

Beware that similar to heat, air conditioners can also cause your air to dry out. Make sure your plants aren't near any AC units, drafty windows, or vents. 

4. Don't fuss.

Summer can be stressful for your plants, and fussing over them while they're already stressed out can do more harm than good. Avoid repotting, fertilizing, and pruning during super hot days, as this will be just too much. They just wanna chill with a margarita, you know? 

5. Stay diligent! 

Look out for signs of pests, excessively dry soil, or stress. Signs of stress can include:

  • Wilted leaves
  • Pale leaves
  • Dropped leaves
  • Yellow or brown patches (from sunburn!)

 If you spot any of these, be sure to change things up for your green amigo! After all, they are quite helpless. Place it in a shadier spot, trim off any dead leaves, and give it some water.

Need more advice on how to care for your green amigos this summer? Shoot us an email at! 

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