"Nature moves at its own pace, so be present in the moment" - Interview with #PlantsomeParent, Jenna

"Nature moves at its own pace, so be present in the moment" - Interview with #PlantsomeParent, Jenna

Raising your green amigos to grow into independent plants is no small feat (probably because they will never really be independent, but that's beside the point). That’s why we turn to our Plantsome plant parents to give us the low down about how they care for their plants.

This week on our #PlantParentSpotlight we chatted with plant-enthusiast, Jenna, who has quite the collection of green amigos! She’s even dedicated a whole DIY shelf to her green pals.


Here's what she had to say...


1) What does your plant collection look like?  


Variety, lots of colours! My boyfriend cut up an 8 foot board into three for me so I could have these beautiful shelves - Here's a peek. I know I have a lot of prayer plants but, I really do love diversity when it comes to plants. They're everywhere - Even my fish tanks have clippings propagating in them!

 Plant collection on DIY shelf.


2) What are your favourite plant(s)? Any new additions that you're excited about?


Oof, hard question. I love the three "P's" - Pothos, prayer plants and peperomia. I love monsteras as well because they're just so easy. I am very excited about my new Stromanthe Triostars, too. I have one already but, just like with t-shirts, If I love a certain style I have to have multiple of them! They are not easy plants to find. Also in love with my new gigantic satin exotica pothos. See, I talk alot too.


3) What are some lessons you've learned from having plants? What plants have you struggled with in the past?


Nature moves at its own pace, so a lesson would be to be more present in the moment.  Even if you think you're going above and beyond, too much love will make them annoyed. Haha. Thinking about plants that have betrayed me... I mean, plants I've struggled with ;) one main one I'm thinking of, which I personally refer to as the 'f word' - FERNS! it doesn't matter if they have the best view in the house or if you give them the humidity they need. Sing to it. Ferns do not care. At this point in my plant keeping journey, unless it's a birdsnest fern, it's a no fern. Also, other plants that require high humidity don't do well with me anyways because northern BC can be very dry in both summer and winter.


4) Why do you love having plants in the home? What do plants mean to you, or how do they impact your life?


They mean alot. I grew up around plants but it's completely different when you're on your own and you have plants to care for, to call your own. To be proud of keeping them happy. As I mentioned, I live in northern BC where it's winter and cold most of the year. Having plants all year round truly gives you a mood boost. And in general, they just look beautiful. I also have quite a few health problems, where it's hard for me to have certain hobbies. Example I'm a fish keeper - I wanted something that was a little less high maintenance, but I'm also used to things drastically changing because of keeping fish and I just wanted something that gave my home a very positive feel but wasn't quite as physically demanding as fish tanks. Plants are similar to pets in my opinion!

 Plantsome Plant Parent, Jenna with her green amigo


5) Are there any plant parent tips that you want to share, or any things you've discovered along the way?


If you tend to be a repeat offender when it comes to over-watering, Just get a mister. It will feel like you're doing something without drowning them in water and potentially hurting them. (I would know) Terracotta is very beneficial for overwaterers too! I'd like to add that a lot of plants benefit from watering from the bottom instead of watering them through the top. The plants take what they need that way and then the top doesn't stay unnecessarily soggy. :) Also, If you have pets like I do, and toxic plants intimidate you like they do with me sometimes... there are definitely ways to get away with still having them, As long as they are out of reach (hangers, shelves, etc).


Jesse, our spray bottle helps all of you over-waterers out there.

If you want to be featured in our plant parent spotlight, please email hello@plantsome.ca. We really enjoy hearing about all your ‘plantventures’ with your green amigos. 


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