14 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Aren’t Flowers

14 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Aren’t Flowers

Whether you’re shopping for Mom, Grandma, your mother-in-law, or any special person in your life that helped raise you…Mother’s Day is the perfect time to recognize these special humans!

Many of us can’t be together this Mother’s Day to hug IRL, so sending something special to your Mom may just be the next best thing. And we’ve got just the green goods to brighten your special someone’s day.

Turn your mom into a #plantmom this Mother’s Day. Find the perfect match for Mom by using our Plant Finder, or pull some inspiration from these 14 green gift ideas:



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Javier | String of Burritos

Why Mom will love Javier:
Javier sounds like the main character out of one of your mom’s romance novels you picked up when you were way too young to know any better. Javier is a plant of mystery, one of the more exotic looking succulents out there, and better yet, he’s easy to care for. Easy, breezy, and beautiful Javier. Ahhh. 

Javier’s Care Routine:
This succulent is a best-seller for good reason! Javier, the Sedum Morganianum is super easy to care for. He stores water in it’s succulent leaves, so this burrito boy doesn’t mind forgetful watering habits. Water only when his top soil is dried out and keep Javier in bright, indirect sunlight.String of Burritos - Canada's houseplant delivery

Peggy | String of Pearls

Why Mom will love Peggy:

Coco Chanel said it best, “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” But Peggy is changing up this famous quote and making it her own, “A mom needs trails and trails of pearls”.

Peggy’s Care Routine:

If mom loves pearls, Peggy will give a whole lot of ‘em, 60-90 cms long, to be exact! Peggy is a succulent from the drier parts of Africa, so she won’t require too much water and loves a bright spot in indirect sunlight. 

String of Pearls plant delivery in Canada

Kate | Philodendron Cordatum

Why Mom will love Kate:

If you think your mom is the coolest person in the world (especially after raising you) well then Kate may be just the perfect plant to gift. Kate is basically the “Dream Girl” of the plant world, with long, trailing heart-shaped leaves. So if you have a super-human of a mom, show her how much you love and appreciate her by matching your mom with Kate. 

Kate’s Care Routine:

Kate is a jungle plant so she loves warm, humid environments and bright, filtered sun but no direct light - think of all of those jungle plants living under the shade of the giant jungle trees. If Kate's vines grow too long don't be afraid to trim them back, that will help her to fill out a little more.


Johnny | Joshua Tree Cane Yucca

Why Mom will love Johnny:

Johnny is for the mom who should be treated to a Palm Springs vacation or an Sedona desert oasis. Bring the vacation to mom with Johnny, and maybe get a margarita mix in mom’s hand while you’re at it!

Johnny’s Care Routine:
Fun fact: Johnny, our Joshua Tree Cane Yucca is actually a succulent, despite being commonly confused as part of the palm family. Johnny is used being in the dry Mohave Desert sweeping the southwestern US, including California and Arizona, meaning he’s super easy to care for and doesn’t require too much TLC.

Joshua Tree Cane Yucca houseplant delivery in Canada

Kaa | Snake Plant (Mother-in-law’s tongue)

Why Mom will love Kaa:

The snake plant is also commonly known as Mother-in-law’s tongue because of its fleshy, sharp, sword like leaves. The name alone indicates just how tough this plant really is. Not tough to care for, but tough to kill. Yes we said it, this plant is hard to kill! So if your mom is new to plant parenthood, we suggest gifting her this trendy houseplant to have for a long time. 

Kaa’s Care Routine:

Very little water is needed in the snake plant’s care routine. They can also survive in low light, what more could you want from a plant?

Snake Plant delivery in canada

Jo, Mo and Flo | Succulent Trio

Why Mom will love Jo, Mo and Flo:

This succulent trio screams sunshine - and we all need a little more light in our lives right about now! If Mom is going through a tough time, Jo, Mo, and Flo can turn their frown upside down!  

*Note: Types of succulents will vary in your order (Plantsome's choice), you can trust us, we'll pick some cute ones for you & Mom!

Jo, Mo and Flo’s Care Routine:

Succulents are incredible living things. They store water in their leaves, making frequent waterings a thing of the past. Just make sure to place this succulent trio in bright, indirect light. 

Eileen | Fiddle Leaf Fig

Why Mom will love Eileen:

Eileen is the perfect gift for the mom with the green thumb! Were you a handful growing up?! Well, Eileen can also be a bit of a challenge to care for, but definitely not impossible. But just like you, she’s worth all the TLC when she grows up!

Eileen’s Care Routine:

Eileen is a plant that some may call a little high-maintenance. Regular water is needed, bright indirect sun (lots of it) and regular fertilizer is welcomed by this gorgeous gal. Read these FLF care tips or download the Plantsome App to help your Mom care for Eileen!

Vera | Aloe Vera

Why Mom will love Vera:

Moms are healers, period. If you’ve ever burnt, scraped, nicked or hurt yourself growing, then you know the power of a first-aid kit, and Vera is a green gift that every mom should have in their kit (or window sill in the kitchen, whatever works!). Aloe Vera is commonly known for treating burns and a common sight to see in  Nonna’s, Oma’s, Baba’s, or Grandma’s kitchen! They know whatsup!

Vera’s Care Routine:

Vera is a hard-to-kill green amigo. She is a succulent and requires little watering as well as bright indirect sunlight.

 Aloe Vera Delivery in Canada

Oscar | Staghorn Fern

Why Mom will love Oscar:

Does your mom march to the own beat of their drum? Well this not-so-average houseplant may be a match made in heaven. With long branches that look like antlers that spread out from their base, this plant looks great in a hanging pot, and is one that your mom would least expect. Surprise her with Oscar!

Oscar’s Care Routine:
Oscar is pet friendly, and loves a frequent watering. Keep Oscar in bright indirect light, those beautifully textured leaves will thank you for it!

Staghorn Fern houseplant delivery in Canada


12 inch Terracotta + Soil Repotting Duo

Why Mom will love this duo:

Some moms love good ol’ gardening projects to keep their hands busy! Does your mom already have a ton of green amigos scattered about? Well, give mom a project and gift her with a big, beautiful terracotta pot paired with our made-in-house Organic Tropical Soil… It is the season to repot after all!

Terracotta pot and potting soil delivery in Canada

The New Plant Parent Book

Why Mom will love this book:

No green thumb? No problem. If plant care doesn’t come naturally to mom, then we’ve got just the solution to help her learn. The new Plant Parent Book by Darryl Cheng teaches indoor gardeners everywhere how to grow healthy houseplants. Gift mom a green amigo and this book and you’ll be the favourite child for life. 

Specialty Plants

Why Mom will love these plants:

Does your mom appreciate the finer things in life? Well, these hard-to-come-by rare plants may just be a gift that gets the wow-reaction you've always wanted! We’re talking exclusive, rare, fine-as-heck, and boujie for the mom that’s got great taste!


Plant care for these plants varies, but we have a resource to help get mom growing and bonding with her exclusive houseplant. 

Plantsome Gift box

Why Mom will love the gift box:

Our gift box gives mom the gift of choice, but also gives her something to open on Mother’s Day! Included in the gift box is a gift card (amount of your choosing), Fred the air plant, and Fred’s throne that he sits on! Fred makes for an awesome desk buddy.

Good ol’ Giftcard

Why Mom will love a gift card:

No one ever turns down a gift card! Digitally delivered, convenient and can be purchased up to the very last minute. This guy will arrive in your mailbox faster than you can say ‘’¡Arriba, Arriba! ¡Ándale, Ándale!’’

If you need something just right for mom, you can personalize your gift to suit mom’s needs!
 Find the perfect plant for mom using our Plant Finder. 

So cheers to the one’s who nurtured you, who be-leafed in you, and the one’s who were always in your corner rooting for you!

Order your gifts before May 4th for Mother’s Day delivery! Local pick up available at our Vancouver and Calgary locations, Sunday through Friday 9am - 5pm, for all you last minute gifters! 

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