Our 5 Survival Tips for your Plants to Thrive this Summer

Our 5 Survival Tips for your Plants to Thrive this Summer

We’re finally feeling the summer heat, and trust us - your green amigos feel it too! This means your indoor plants could use some extra care and attention while we navigate through the sweltering days to come! Here are 5 most essential summer plant care tips to get you started.

Tip number 1: Water more deeply and frequently!

Our usual advice may be to be careful not to overwater - but summer months mean that your houseplants want to be water more often than usual as the heat makes the water evaporate faster and your green friends may be thirstier than ever! 

Because of this. make sure to check the soil moisture level frequently so that your green amigos can always #stayhydrated


Tip number 2: Keep ‘em cool

Ever felt exhausted from a full day out in the scorching sun? Worse - got sunburnt? Your plants can be just stressed out from extreme environments, and their leaves can get burnt if they face direct sunlight for a prolonged period! If your window is west or south-facing, definitely move your green amigos away from the window and place them in a shadier area. 

Although some plants (like succulents) are great companions for going outdoors in the summer as they can tolerate full sun, they still need to be acclimated to the harsher weather conditions. You can also consult our Plant Care Index to get more information on which amigos are “summer friendly” 

Tip number 3: Crank up that Humidity!

Most green amigos are tropical, so it is no surprise that they are their best selves in warm, humid environments! There are a few things you can do to keep the humidity sky high for them:

  • Buy a humidifier: If your home lacks the much needed humidity, you can always purchase a humidifier to place around your houseplants. 
  • Misting frequently: Good ol’ misting is convenient, easy, and keeps your green amigos hydrated!
  • Get a Pebble tray: Put a plant pot on a tray and fill with water and pebbles, just make sure your plant is not soaked in it so that they don’t suffer from root rot. 
  • Shower with them: If you like steamy showers, a fun and effective way to lock that humidity in is to move your green amigos to the bathroom where they can also get a daily shower!

Tip number 4: Fertilize…or Not

Summer is really the ideal time to add some yummy nutrients so that your plants grow big and healthy, as plants naturally have their growth period during these months. You can follow these easy steps we’ve lined out in our Fertilizer 101 guide if you need help getting started. 

However, make sure to pay attention to whether your houseplant is stressed from a heatwave. On those really hot days, it’s better to be safe and not introduce fertilizer to your plant care routine as it could be too much for your poor green friend to handle. 

Tip number 5: Re-pot...or Not

Similar to not adding fertilizer during a heatwave, you also shouldn’t re-pot on particularly hot days as it would cause stress to your green amigo’s root system. 

It is much better to find a cooler day to re-pot, as re-potting has many benefits, which you can read all about here!

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