Our 7 most popular tropical plants

Our 7 most popular tropical plants

With two-thirds of all plant species native to tropical rain forests, its no wonder there are so many amazing tropical plants. Tropical green amigos are known for their stunning foliage and colours that always stand out. And with so many different types, we're sure that anyone can find a tropical plant that suits their taste. So grab a Mai Tai and pack your swimsuit because we are heading straight to the tropics!

Alocasia (Elephant Ear)

Talk about a cool looking plant! Alocasia like Aku Aku  and Tiki are known for their unique, large leaves. In the wild, these leaves can grow so large that they are often used as umbrellas to protect against the heavy tropical rain. Now that's handy!

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Musa (Banana Plant)

We can't think of a plant that screams "tropical vibes" as much as Baloo the Banana Plant. But new and busy plant-parents beware! Baloo can be quite dramatic and makes sure to let you know when he is not happy. Forget to give him enough to drink and he'll instantly droop his leaves. Talk about a drama queen.

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Guzmania Hope (Bromeliad)

Don't let Juan's beautiful flower, fool you. While he might seem like a high maintenance plant, Bromeliads are actually one of the easiest tropical plants to care for. It's true! Unlike most tropical amigos, Juan doesn't need fertilizer and can thrive with lower levels of light. Nice!

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Did we say Banana Plants screamed "tropical vibes"? Well, we must have forgotten about Alfredo. Possibly one of the most popular plants on this list, Alfredo gains his insta-fame from his huge leaves, which are known for their natural holes. And just like JuanAlfredo is also easy to care for and does not require a lot of light. No wonder he's such a popular fella!

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Dieffenbachias like Jeff are another tropical houseplant with gorgeous, large leaves. They are also called Dumb Canes, a name that Jeff does not appreciate at all. But don't take it personally, Jeff. Dieffenbachias are called Dumb Canes because of the effects they can have when ingested. Eat a Dieffenbachia for dinner and your throat and tongue may swell, which is why we don't recommend Jeff for plant-parents with young children or pets.

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Calatheas like Sophia and Paris are another tropical low light plant. In the wild, they live in the jungle floors, which means they don't receive a lot of light. But while Sophia and Paris may not be picky with lighting, they're certainly picky when it comes to water. Calatheas are big fans of water and humidity and they require consistently moist soil and a spritz of water on their leaves every now and then.

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The Philodendron genus is one of the largest with over 400 different types of plants! And with so many different amigos, its no wonder that there are Philodendrons of all shapes and sizes. Hanging Philodendrons like Kate look very similar to Pothos. While split-leaf Philodendrons like Daniel and Laura are often mistaken for Monsteras. Talk about having range!

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