Plant Spotlight: Arthur | Norfolk Island Pine

Plant Spotlight: Arthur | Norfolk Island Pine

Today we’re shining a light on Arthur, the Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria heterophylla). These trees are commonly seen in homes during the holiday season and can be considered the more sustainable Christmas tree option. This season you can swap out a traditional cut Christmas tree, or artificial tree for something a little more lively! Arthur, our Norfolk Island Pine is a tree that lasts longer than just one season and makes for wonderful year-long houseplants. 

Meet our good pal, Arthur.

Norfolk Island Pine in decorative gold holiday pot.

Let’s explore: 


The Norfolk Island Pine is a needled evergreen conifer that is actually native to the subtropical regions in the South Pacific. To get more specific, its name (Norfolk Pine for short) implies that the tree is actually native to Norfolk Island, which is a small island on the Pacific Ocean between New Zealand and New Caledonia.  

What’s in a name?

Despite having “pine” in its name, the Norfolk Island pine is actually a relative of the Monkey Puzzle Tree. Unfortunately, the Monkey Puzzle Tree is an endangered species of tree, but the Norfolk Island Pine lives on as a tropical plant that resembles a pine.

The Norfolk Island Pine is sometimes referred to as a star pine, Polynesian pine, triangle tree, or living Christmas tree.

Norfolk Island Pine Care Tips


Norfolk Pines thrive in several hours of direct, bright sunlight (think a South-facing window). But they will also be able to tolerate full indirect, bright sunlight as well, meaning this tree can adapt to different light conditions. Arthur is not made for the shade. 


The Norfolk Island pine loves a good watering. Aim to water the tree when the top 50 per cent of the soil is dry, making sure that the water drains out of the holes of your pot. If you notice the tips of the tree’s branches are turning brown and dry, that means that the plant is thirsty!


Something important to keep in mind, Norfolk Pines are not native to the cold. They are a tropical plant that cannot tolerate temperatures below 1°C. The average temperature they thrive in is 19 - 24°C. This means that you should keep these plants away from drafts in the winter months. 


Like most tropical plants, the Norfolk Island Pine loves good humidity (especially in the winter months). Add some humidity to your tree by placing it on top of pebble trays with water, or mist your plant regularly. Check out Jesse, our mister!


The Norfolk Island Pine is mildly toxic to animals, if ingested. If you want to enjoy the benefits of this potted plant during the holidays and throughout the year and do have an animal around, we suggest keeping the Norfolk Pine out of paw’s reach!


The Norfolk Pine is a real Christmas tree that will keep each season jolly throughout the year. It is an eco-friendly option to the traditional fake or real trees most people lean towards. Add some life back into your living room this holiday season with Arthur!


Do you have any questions about the Norfolk Island Pine? Need some care tips, advice, or just want to chat? Drop us a line at or DM us on Instagram or Facebook!

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