Inspiration: Plants in your hallway!

Inspiration: Plants in your hallway!

You may have heard of putting plants in your living room, bathroom, and bedroom...but what about putting plants in your hallway? You probably haven’t thought about it, but there’s nothing more charming than being greeted by a beautiful, large or small, green or purple, houseplant upon entering your home. But wait, how do you place plants in your hallway? Where do they fit? Here are some examples for inspiration!


Put them on a table.

If your hallway is large enough, this is a very creative and easy solution! A long hallway offers a lot of possibilities, yet many have a hard time knowing how to decorate it. With a beautiful small table and a medium-sized houseplant, this can easily be achieved. Just imagine being greeted by Kaa or Lilly when you walk into the hall? Talk about a great entry!


Afbeelding van plantjes op een tafeltje in een gang


Hang them high in the air.

Is your hall a bit too narrow for a table? Don’t worry, because it’s still possible to brighten up your hall with our green friends! Hanging plants is a fun and creative option that can also save you a lot of space. By hanging plants at different heights you make your wall look higher, which is ideal for creating a spacious feeling in a narrow hall. For this we recommend our hanging/trailing green amigos.

>Check out our Boule hanging pots!

Afbeelding van hangplanten in de gang 

Place a large plant on the ground.

Simple, but great fun! Today, large houseplants are a real statement in your living room, bathroom, kitchen, and of course, your hallway. In your hall, a large houseplant can bring a bit of the beautiful green outdoors right into your home. Place it in a corner and choose a nice height. Here, large plants like Eileen and Mojo really shine!

Note: underfloor heating is often deadly for houseplants! If you have underfloor heating in the hall, place the plant on a block of wood, box or table.


Ficus in de gang op de grond.


Place the plants in a cupboard or cube.

And last but not least, another creative solution for a narrow hall!  Hang a cabinet or steel cube on your wall and decorate it with smaller plants like Lorenzo and Pablo. Just like with hanging plants, the different heights and shapes can give your hall a fun effect, paired with a modern and sleek look.


Afbeelding van plantjes in stalen kubussen aan de wand

Well, that was it! Did we give you some new ideas to give your hallway a green touch? Can't wait to change everything? We feel the same way! You can find all of our green friends here. Happy decorating!

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