Plantsome’s Essential Spring Plant Care Guide

Plantsome’s Essential Spring Plant Care Guide

As the new season approaches, we can say goodbye to the bulky coats, snowy driveways, and (a very enthusiastic) hello to warmer days, fresher air, and iced coffee! Much like how we love a nice, fresh start for the springtime, our plants also need an updated care routine to help them transition and thrive when Spring is in full bloom!


Clean, Clean, Clean!

They call it spring cleaning for a reason, and your green amigos are no exception! Over the long winter months, dust can build up on your plant’s leaves which is bad news, because it blocks your plants' ability to absorb light and oxygen, and could potentially become a breeding ground for pests. To make sure that your indoor plants look healthy (as well as feel the part!), you can wipe off the dust with a damp, microfiber cloth. You can also give your plants a nice quick rinse in the sink or even take them into the shower with you! Now isn’t that steamy ;)

A word of caution: If you do decide to wash your plants in the sink or shower, keep the water pressure gentle and make sure not to overwater your plants. We also don’t recommend using any waxes or leaf polishes, they could clog the pores and do more harm than good. 

Re-pot it like it's hot!

With the daylight hours stretching, your green friend’s roots may also be stretchin’ out! This is the perfect time to figure out whether your green amigos are in need of extra space to grow. A simple way to examine whether you need to re-pot is to check if the roots are above the ground or sticking out of its pot. If this is the case, you should repot your plant to give it more space to grow! Read more about repotting your plants here.

Did your green amigo outgrow its current pot over the winter? Shop our variety of pots in modern, luxurious, hanging and basic styles!


Wet your plants… more often!

Springtime marks the active growing season for our green amigos, so our suggestion is to get into the habit of watering them more frequently, as this will prep them for a healthy transition!

Although you want to make sure that the soil stays evenly moist, make sure to not overwater your plants! Before committing to an automatic watering schedule, remember to check the soil to see whether it already feels wet, if so - there is no need for more water! 


If you aren’t sure whether your soil is wet or dry, Peter the Moisture meter will tell you exactly how moist your soil is. Did that word just make you cringe?!


Nourish to Flourish

If you have been following our winter care tips, you probably cut back on fertilizer during the winter period. To re-introduce these yummy nutrients into your green amigo’s diets, we recommend feeding in smaller doses to give them time to adjust. Organic products are preferable as harsh chemical fertilizers can be too intense for sensitive plants. Adding fertilizer is a great way to boost your plantcare game, and your plants will thank you!

Does your soil need a little extra boost? We’ve got something that will do the trick! Marphyl Organic Soil Enhancer is like superfood for your plants!



With the days getting warmer and longer, you may have plans to bask yourself in the warmth of the sun, perhaps you dip your legs in the pool while sipping an ice cold can of pop - WAIT, let's get back on topic! Unfortunately for your green amigos, the increased sunlight that comes with the warmer months can be too hot for your indoor plants, and could even burn the leaves of those placed in direct sunlight. Having weathered the winter months, you most likely moved your houseplants closer to any source of bright lights. Now is the ideal time to install some curtains, or move your plants to an area with indirect light. 

Signs of sunburnt leaves: if they turn white, brown, or transparent. You’re going to want to move these green amigos out of the sun ASAP.

Cultivate & Propagate

Growing season is upon us, so no pressure - but now is the perfect time to experiment with propagation. A (very) simplified guide is to make a clean cut at around 3-6 inches of one of your plant’s new shoots and placing them in moist soil or water, where they should start rooting in around 1-2 months. Don’t stress if you haven’t been blessed with a green thumb, because Platsome’s got you covered with a digestible tutorial on how you can propagate your amigo!


If you’ve incorporated these tips into your plantcare routine, we have absolutely no doubt that your green amigos are in good hands! Bring it on, Spring!
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