Plantsome's Guide to Winter Plant Care

Plantsome's Guide to Winter Plant Care

Winter is coming…
But for many of us in Canada (and beyond), it’s already here. And while we’re doing our own selfcare to get through the colder, darker, days ahead, we can’t forget to take care of our beloved green pals this time of year either! They might be feeling the winter blues too, so we're back with more trusty tips to help you care for your plants and keep them happy all winter long.

Chilly Drafts
As we start to channel Mr. Rogers and bust out the sweaters, your plants need some protection from that cool draft we all feel this time of year, too. Gently move your green amigos a few feet away from drafty windows or doors, just make sure not to move them too far away from their light source. If your home is an arctic wonderland, consider a tactical relocation to a warmer room to keep them nice and cozy in the winter months!

Finding the Water Balance
Winter is a tricky mix of dry indoor heat and chilly outdoor weather. Finding the perfect watering balance is the key to keeping your plants happy in the winter! Check the soil regularly; if it feels like the desert, your plant pals need a drink. On the flip side, soggy soil is a big no-no and a sign your plant isn't drinking as much water right now. Your plants will generally need less water in the winter months since they aren’t growing as fast, and you'll want to hold off on the fertilizer until their spring awakening begins.

Dry Skin, Dull Leaves
Just like us, plants can suffer from dry skin during the winter. But unfortunately, unlike us, they can’t go on a skincare shopping spree, so you can combat dryness by misting their leaves occasionally with water. Your plants that prefer more humid conditions, like the Philodendron, Alocasia, and Calathea, will especially appreciate the humidity boost this time of year. Consider investing in a humidifier or keeping a pebble tray nearby for a low-maintenance humidity-boosting solution!

Shorter Days, Longer Nights
With shorter days and longer nights, your plants are navigating and adjusting a lot on their own. However, if your leafy buddies start leaning toward the light and stretching their stems, or their leaves start yellowing quicker than usual, they might not be getting enough light. Rotate them regularly so every side gets its fair share of Vitamin D. And if you can, introduce a supplementary light source to keep their spirits high!

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Pests Don’t Take Vacations
Don't let the winter chill fool you; pests might be plotting a cozy winter vacation on your plants. Keep an eye out for any unwanted guests like spider mites or aphids. Show them the exit door with a gentle shower or a mild insecticidal soap. Your plants deserve a peaceful winter without any unwanted visitors (and don’t we all…)

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There you have it! Some of Plantsome’s top tips and tricks to keep your plants happy and healthy in the winter. Check out our Plant Care Index for more plant care tips. Happy winter planting!

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