Plantsome Pot Superlatives!

Plantsome Pot Superlatives!

Here at Plantsome, we firmly be-leaf that every plant deserves a loving pot to call home. In order to help you find the perfect match for your green amigo, we’re doing thing the ol' fashioned way... with plant pot superlatives! 

Plantsome Pot Superlatives: 

Choosing a pot can be tricky, and we're here to help! 


1. Most Likely to visit Mars: Boule with Stand 


Boule's one of those go-getter types. He's clean-shaven, a slick talker, and frequently passes out his business card to strangers at Starbucks. We think he'll be taking over the world someday so Boule's definitely a pot to have in your corner... And have you seen those legs? 


2. Biggest Flirt: Emily
Oh Emily. She may the 12th most popular name in North America, but over here she's quickly becoming our number one! There's lots of gossip around HQ about who will get paired with the beautiful Emily. We've heard Johnny and Alfredo are absolutely in LOVE with her. Aren't you?

3. Most likely to Save the Planet: Elsa
Elsa makes the perfect home for your XS plant, whether it be Baby June Bug or lil' Willie. She comes in three trendy colours, but what's most adorable about Elsa is that she's made from recycled and organic composite materials such as plastic, stone and wood dust! Can we get #EarthyElsa trending?!
4. Life of the Party: Pelle
Got plants this weekend? Pelle sure does! He's funky, he's colourful, he comes on a laser-cut wooden stand. Okay Pelle, we see you! This is one pot who knows how to have fun and is bound to show your green amigos a good time. And if you're tired of plants on stands, your Pelle pot will do just fine without one. Nice!
5. Best Shoulder to Cry on: Isaac 
Not only does Isaac take the cake for being the best shoulder to cry on, but he also has the best shoulders in general. When Isaac says he's going to do something, he's going to do it and do it well. Need him to build you a bird feeder for your kid's school project? Done. Fix the kitchen sink? Done and done. Maaajor heart eyes for Isaac. 

Not vibing with the pot pals above? Use our pot finder to help you find the perfect match for your home or shop all pots here!   

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