Secret Santa: Plantsome Style

Secret Santa: Plantsome Style

It's that time of year again, and who can resist the age-old tradition of Secret Santa? This year, let's kick the clichés to the curb and embrace the holidays with a dose of Plantsome pizzazz. Sure, it might just be another excuse to sneak more plants into your life, but it's also the perfect plant-lover plot twist on the holiday classic. And if a gift is just going to end up sitting on a shelf, why not make it a plant!? We'll call it… Secret Planta.

Plant Party Gather Up:

Gather your favorite fellow plant enthusiasts. Whether it's a small, cozy gathering or a virtual rendezvous, get the gang together for this green gift exchange. This can be a good opportunity to finally bring your Facebook plant community page together irl.

Who's Your Green Pal?:

Draw names and let the suspense begin! Keep your giftee a secret and prepare to dive into the world of gifting green.

How much Green for the Greens?:

Set a budget that's not about the numbers but about the spirit of giving. Keep it meaningful and get ready to shop! Setting a budget on the lower end? No problem - check out our Sale Plants to get more green for your buck!

The Plant Personality Profile:

Who is your plant-loving giftee? Find out their plant style, personality, and how green their thumb really is! Keep in mind the space that your giftee has, lighting and plant experience.

Find the Perfect Plant Companion:

Time to hunt for the perfect plant companion. Will it be a chic Succulent, a funky Fern, or a sassy Snake Plant? Choose wisely! Wrap your gift in a cute bag, or simply fix a ribbon to the pot. Easy peasy.

The Grand Green Reveal:

It’s party time! Gather 'round and reveal your lush surprises. Let them know why you chose that plant for them, and swap plant care wisdom so they can keep their green gift thriving. Add a delicious planty-twist to your party with plant-themed snacks, charcuterie boards and desserts!

Now that you're all set to embark on your green Secret Santa adventure, the burning question remains - what plants make the perfect presents? We've got you covered with a selection that caters to every level of plant care expertise:

The Fiddle Leaf Fig (Intermediate Level): For those who enjoy a bit of plant-tending adventure, the Fiddle Leaf Fig is an excellent choice. With its broad, violin-shaped leaves and graceful allure, it's sure to be a captivating surprise.

The ZZ Plant (Low-Maintenance Master): If your giftee's thumb is more black than green, the ZZ plant is their savior. Nearly indestructible, it won't fault you for a bit of neglect and brings lush, glossy leaves to any space.

The Peace Lily (Air-Purifying Elegance): Peace lilies not only add a touch of elegance but also clean the air. Their bright white flowers and lush foliage make them a fantastic gift for any occasion. Another easy-care pick for plant parents with any level of experience!

Is your giftee a bit more of a mystery? Not a problem! Our Gift Box is a great option when you’re just not quite sure what plant to pick. Let them choose their own green adventure! Complete with a gift card and an air plant, all wrapped in a neat little box. Bingo bango, your shopping is done!

Looking for something more festive for the season? Check out our Holiday Plants for some amigos with a touch of Christmas spirit.

Take a look at our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide for more green-gifting ideas!

Whether your giftee is an experienced plant pro or just entering their *plant parent era*, there's a perfect plant match waiting to bring joy and greenery to their life. Here’s to starting new, green traditions!

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