The 5 best plant care tips for Fiddle Leaf Fig plants

The 5 best plant care tips for Fiddle Leaf Fig plants

The Fiddle Leaf Fig, or Eileen (as we like to call her) is the most popular plant in the Ficus plant family! Eileen is an instafamous Ficus Lyrata (or better known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree). The thing about Eileen is that people want to a) know her b) have her, or c) be her.  

She has about a bazillion followers on social media and is frequently found photobombing friends and influencers in their Instagram stories - she loves to be in the spotlight. We totally get why the Fiddle Leaf Fig is a must-have plant in your home - believe us, those lush, dark green leaves steal our attention too! 

But Eileen has made quite a name for herself, you may have heard the Fiddle Leaf Figs can be a little bit finicky. Even though she may be high-maintenance, she’s not impossible to care for. 

So let’s get to know Eileen better so you can keep this stunner thriving all year round!   

A thriving fiddle leaf fig in a white pot against a white background.


Some nice-to-knows about the Fiddle Leaf Fig: 

It is an air-purifying plant. 

These indoor plants are excellent air purifiers! That’s right, the large-surface on its green leaves serves more of a purpose than just looking great. The leaves take in chemicals from the air and metabolize them - so you can breathe easy when Eileen is around.  

Plantsome Tip: Wipe dust off the leaves of your Fiddle Leaf Fig each week. You can use water and a soft cloth. When there is dust on the leaves, the leaves will not be able to clear the toxins from the air as well as if they were clean. 

Fiddle Leaf Figs hate change.

Just like stuffy corporate offices, Eileen hates, no, despises change! It doesn’t like to be moved around and also doesn’t like room temperature changes. As best as you can, make sure you’re keeping your indoor temp consistent, and keep Eileen away from any open doors that cause drafts or air conditioning vents. The sweet spot is to keep your home around 22 - 24°C. 

We know, she’s high maintenance - but we swear the heating bills will be worth it!

It is slightly poisonous.

Keep Eileen away from your pets! Her leaves contain crystals made from toxic calcium oxalate. So you want to be sure that your pets stay far away! 

5 Care Tips to keep a FLF thriving:


1. Do not over-water

Like most plant babies, Eileen hates drowning in water. It’ll cause her leaves to droop and eventually drop right off the branches. 

So no pressure, water the plant just the right amount (easy right? ;)). 

Here’s how best to water your Fiddle Leaf Fig:

You’ll want to allow the top 2 inches of the soil to dry completely before watering thoroughly. Make sure excess water drains out the bottom of the pot, you do not want Eileen sitting in a pool of water.

Drooping fiddle leaf fig leaves that are yellowing and turning brown

2. Thrives in bright, indirect light

The Fiddle Leaf Fig loves bright, indirect sunlight! You can even turn it every few months to let sunlight reach all sides of the plant. But remember what we said, it hates change - so try and limit how much you turn the plant. 

3. Get her humid.

Mist new leaf buds daily and consider using a pebble try or other method to increase humidity! She is a tropical plant after all, so Fiddle Leaf Figs definitely benefit from regular misting of new leaf buds.

4. She gets hungry - feed her with fertilizer.

Fiddle Leaf Figs benefit from regular fertilizing. During growing season, which is spring, summer, and early fall, the plant can be fertilized every time you water her. The best fertilizer is a diluted liquid fertilizer with NPK ratio 3-1-2.

5. Stay calm and take deep breaths

As a plant parent to a Fiddle Leaf Fig, you are put on a rollercoaster. From brown spots, to yellow leaves, and even the dreaded dropping of leaves - these are common issues to go through with your plant together. Remember, all of this is normal and you’re not alone! 

The most important thing to do is to make sure Eileen is getting the best care to help it live its best life! Celebrate new growth when it happens, mourn the dropping of a leaf, and pay special attention to her (like we said, she LOVES when the spotlight is on her)!

Cheers to a long, happy life together. 

Check out our Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Page if you need more information and helpful tips to help care for your plant. As always, we are here if you have any other questions - just hit us up at

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