The Benefits of Adding Artificial Plants to Your Space

The Benefits of Adding Artificial Plants to Your Space

Fake doesn’t always mean bad!

We’ve introduced artificial plants into our product lineup for a number of reasons. You may be surprised to find out that artificial plants hold onto a number of the same benefits as real plants.

For starters, you know exactly what you’re getting with artificial plants. You don’t need to worry about plants getting sick, dropping leaves, or negatively affecting your furry friends at home! Those with allergies can also benefit from having artificial plants, as they produce no pollen. 

Not having to worry about watering, fertilizing, or pruning is also a huge bonus for those with a busy schedule, or those who would like to place plants in areas where they might not receive as much TLC. They will look just as shiny and beautiful as the day you got them, for many years to come.

Additionally, artificial plants add that same sense of beauty and greenery that you get with real plants. Since even looking at a photograph of a plant or flower can evoke a sense of calm, it makes sense that fake plants can do the same! 

Green is known to be a soothing colour, and plants contain fractal patterns that are both pleasing and calming. Not to mention, seeing plants can notably reduce blood pressure and anxiety, while boosting mood.

Having the ability to add plants to offices with poor lighting, cabins that you only frequent a handful of times out of the year, or darker rooms and corners of your home really opens up a ton of possibilities for interior decorating and bringing yourself closer to nature!

Check out our top faux, below:

1. Perry the Eucalyptus (M) 

2. Peggy the String of Pearls (S)

3. Marty the Areca Palm (XXL)

4. Eileen the Fiddle Leaf Fig (XXL)

5. Olivia the Olive Tree (XXL)

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