The 8 best plants for the bedroom

The 8 best plants for the bedroom

Having plants in the bedroom comes with many benefits. Not only do plants give character to any bedroom, but they can also help you sleep better. It's true! Air purifying plants like Mojo and Lilly can help freshen your bedroom air by removing harmful substances like Formaldehyde and Xylene. And some plants like Gus and Wendy also use a CAM (Crassulacean Acid Metabolism) process to make oxygen, which means that they produce all their oxygen at night. So having these green amigos in the bedroom means lot's of extra oxygen and clean air, which both lead to a better sleep. How nice!

A plant for every bedroom

Unlike most bathrooms, which usually have similar low levels of light, each bedroom is different and can have a large range in terms of lighting. While some may be South-facing with an entire wall of windows, others may be in a North-facing basement with very low levels of light. To help you choose the perfect green amigo for your bedroom, we have divided this list based on light preference. Apart from this, it is also organized based on light so that the green amigos first on the list need the most and the ones in the bottom require the least.

Plants for bedrooms with lot's of light


Palms like Hana and Vicky have a lot of character and they always bring an elegant, yet tropical look to any room. Like all plants on this list, Palms are strong air purifiers and they're non-toxic, which makes them the perfect plant for those with pets! But there's another reason Palms are first on this list. They require LOTS of bright, direct light. So if your bedroom is South-facing or has lot's of bright windows, Palms are the perfect plant!

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Crassula (Jade Plant)

A plant that produces oxygen at night? You got it! Jade plants use CAM processing to make oxygen during the late wee hours of the night, which results in better sleep. But to do this, Wendy requires lot's of light so Jade Plants are best suited for South-facing bedrooms and those that get lot's of bright, full sun.

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Peace Lily

Our friend Lilly the Peace Lily is an air purifying pro that combats up to five harmful air substances! Peace Lilies also have gorgeous white flowers that give any room a beautiful look. But they are slightly high maintenance and require lot's of water and light to fight off all those air-born substances. Go, Lilly go!

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Sansevieria (Snake Plant)

Snake Plants like Gus and Kaa are excellent air purifiers that also use a CAM process to make oxygen at night. This means lots of fresh and purified air in the bedroom, which helps you sleep. And although they're on our list of plants for bright bedrooms, they are at the bottom because they can thrive in practically any room with any level of light. Bedroom with lots of South-facing windows? Yup! Dark basement room? No problem!

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Plants for bedrooms with lower levels of light

Aloe Vera

Vera is another air-purifying, CAM plant. Aloe plants like Vera remove harmful substances from the air and they also produce oxygen at night, which leads to a better sleep. They are also quite easy to care for, and although they do best in partial shade, they aren't too picky and can also thrive in areas with higher levels of light. Nice!

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All members of the Dracaena family are known for being master air purifiers. These powerhouses are tough and they can withstand even the busiest plant-parent. They also come in many shapes and sizes, so anyone can find a Dracaena that suits their taste. Just look at Mojo and Conrad. You'd never guess they were even related!

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Calatheas are another plant that are perfect for the bedroom. They are known for closing their leaves at night and re-opening them in the morning, so Calatheas like Indy and Sophia will always go to sleep asleep and wake up at the same time as you. They're also excellent air purifiers and do well in areas with lower light. Perfect for North-facing bedrooms!

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Rubber Tree (Ficus Burgundy and Ficus Tineke)

Rubber Trees like Jack and Heidi are also great plants for the bedroom. With their uniquely coloured leaves, Rubber Trees give any bedroom a modern and trendy look with lots of character. And besides looking great, they are also excellent air purifiers. So no more pesky substances like Benzene and Fromeldahyde while you try to catch some z's!

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