The Perfect Back 2 School Plants for the Classroom

The Perfect Back 2 School Plants for the Classroom

Looking for some indoor plants to spruce up your classroom this upcoming school year? Check out our list of favourite plants for the classroom! These plants are not only stunning, but they also range from easy to care for and non toxic. So whether you are a high school teacher or a preschool teacher, we have got you covered. 


House plants are a great way to teach children about the greenery that keeps our world breathing, as well as shows the responsibilities that come with growing a living thing. They are also a great way to add some life into your room and make school feel a little less jail-like and a little more 'get away jungle oasis'.


There also have been several studies that show the benefits of having plants in workspaces. Reduced stress and increased productivity just to name a few. Not to mention some research shows that having a ‘plant friend’ is good for you - they make great listeners and give their caregivers a sense of accomplishment. 


Looking for a class pet that won't crawl around? A plant is the perfect option that shows how to take care and nurture something to help it grow, without too much hassle. For a class pet we recommend looking at Pothos. 


Pothos plants grow fast making it super fun to watch the length and growth progress. They are also very easy to care for, can go a few weeks without water and can live in just about any indoor lighting conditions. Pothos come in many different leaf shapes and colours making them unique and fun to look at too.


If you're looking for something a little more funky, then the bird's nest fern is perfect to fill in the class clown role (plus we can assure you he won't disrupt the class too much). The bird's nest fern has leaves that are very different in shape and size which makes it stand out from other indoor plants. It is also super low maintenance as it only needs to be watered about once a week and can live in any indoor lighting conditions.


For those of you who want something that is a little more high maintenance, we recommend the Calathea. Specifically Indy our Rattlesnake plant and Isabella our Calathea Orbifolia are some great options. The Calathea is especially fun if you want to show your students the time and care it takes into caring for a living object. 


Calatheas need to be watered about once a week and prefer indirect sunlight. However, they are very sensitive to chemicals like fluoride which can often be found in tap water. So if you choose this option, make sure to use filtered or distilled water.


We also have some fantastic non toxic options for if you are a teacher with little younglings. If you are a teacher or parent of little kids you know they lick, touch and kick anything within eyesight. It is therefore important to choose something that won't hurt your students when they give it a touch or two. For this Pablo the Peperomia Obtusifolia is a great option, he'll be sure to charm your students with his gorgeous two-toned foliage.


If you've got a corner or a nook somewhere in your class that needs some sprucing up, plants can be an ideal decor piece. Plants that can tolerate low light such as our Aloe Vera plant or the Snake Plant are perfect to fill these spaces. Seems like if you send your students to go stand in the corner they aren’t going to mind. 


And for the classroom that’s got lots of window space and light, boy are there some great light loving plant pals for you. If your classroom is lucky enough to get a lot of natural light then you'll want to take advantage of that by adding some indoor plants that enjoy basking in the sun. Our favourites include succulents, cactus, and rubber plants. All these indoor plants are very easy to care for and can live happily in lots of sunlight.


So there you have it, our classroom-friendly plants. 


Be sure to add some green to your room this upcoming back to school season.

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