The Ultimate Mother's Day 2024 Gift Guide!

The Ultimate Mother's Day 2024 Gift Guide!

We know how stressful it can be finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift. We also know that with these highly commercialized holidays, it’s important to choose options that are eco-friendly, help reduce waste, and are long lasting.

That’s where plants come in! Not only are they friendly to the environment, but they have significant benefits on our mental health, productivity, and overall sense of peace.

Luckily, we carry a wide array of indoor and outdoor plants that are perfect for the plant mama (or aspiring plant mama) in your life! Let this be a reminder to slow down and get back in touch with nature this spring.

For the “hands on” mom

If she’s the type who likes to get outside, or get her hands dirty, these are the plants for her! 

  • Pink Dynamo™ | Hydrangea Serrata (L) - Who doesn’t like to look at beautiful things? These flowery amigos smell great, look stunning, and will add a lively look to her outdoor space.
  • Very Berry Bundle and Wine o'Clock Bundle - For those who like to enjoy the fruits of their labour! Enjoy some juicy berries and grapes after a little work and a whole lotta love.
  • Taco the Terrarium | S - A fun DIY project for some much needed self-care time! She can enjoy building her very own terrarium from scratch, and we’ll take care of providing all the supplies.


For the laid back mom

If she’s easy to please, or likes low-maintenance (but beautiful) things, she needs these green amigos in her life! 

  • Succulent Trio - Assorted (XS) - A winner every time. These gorgeous succulents are easy to care for and will brighten up any space.
  • Strelitzia Nicolai | Bird of Paradise (M) - A smaller version of our most popular plant, the Bird of Paradise adds some serious tropical vibes to your home! Provide this amigo with some sun, and it will be a happy camper.
  • Crassula Pellucida | Calico Kitten (S) - This colourful succulent will help fill out any space with its vining growth habit. Looks great on top of stacks of books, on side tables, or as a coffee table centerpiece in lieu of flowers. 
  • Peace Lily Domino | Spathiphyllum (L) - A Mother’s Day classic! This beautiful and lush plant is quite vocal in its needs—drooping substantially when it needs water, and perking up after it has a drink. Keep it in a semi-shaded spot with moist soil, provide it a bit of fertilizer in the growing season, and enjoy those beautiful white blooms! It’s the epitome of tranquility.


For the cat mom

We're sure she loves you as much as her fur babies, but just to be safe... here are some pet-friendly options she's sure to love.

  • Calathea Orbifolia (XL) - A larger version of the ever-popular Orbifolia. With stunningly variegated leaves bigger than your face, this plant is a statement piece. Plus, it’s pet friendly, so no worries if your animal (or kid) has a taste. Keep its soil moist, away from direct sun, and in high humidity so those leaves don’t fade! 
  • Calathea Beauty Star (M) - We think this one’s name says it all. The Beauty Star Calathea is another great pet-friendly option with beautiful leaves that look hand-painted. This one has similar care instructions to the previous Calathea.
  • Hoya Australis Lisa | Wax Plant (S) - A very popular Hoya due to its unique variegation, this variety is extremely low-maintenance. Leave it in bright light and let it dry out between waterings, since those thick, waxy leaves actually retain water!


For the mom who has it all

  • The Treat Yourself Bundle (With Pots) - Our newest bundle in the catalogue! The name speaks for itself—grab this bundle for instant relaxation, high-society vibes. It’s practically self-care at this point.


Need more help finding the perfect Mother's Day gift? Answer a few questions via our plant finder to find the one!

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