Understanding Hardiness Zones in Canada

Understanding Hardiness Zones in Canada

Hey, plant parents! The spring season is peaking its head around the corner, and that means it’s time to start thinking about our outdoor amigos. In order to ensure your efforts are rewarded with a full, lush landscape, it’s important to first understand hardiness zones. Knowing your hardiness zone will help you choose the right plants for your climate and offer insights into the green amigos you should avoid in your gardening journey!

Finding Your Zone

From Zone 0 in the frigid north to Zone 8 along the temperate coasts, Canada offers a diverse array of climates. Each zone corresponds to a specific range of average annual minimum temperatures. To find your zone, consult the Plant Hardiness Zone Map, a nifty tool that divides the country into 9 distinct zones.

Zone Diversity Across Canada

In Canada, the mildest climates are found along British Columbia's coastal regions and Vancouver Island, offering ideal conditions for a diverse range of plant species to flourish. A gardener and plant parent's paradise!

As we move towards the middle in Zones 5 and 6, regions like southern Ontario and parts of the Atlantic provinces, we find a balance of temperate conditions. Deciduous trees like Maple and Oak and flowering shrubs like Lilacs and Hydrangeas do well in these areas.

The northern territories of Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut experience some of the country's coldest temperatures, limiting the plant varieties able to thrive in these frigid conditions.

Planting with Purpose

Once you’re familiar with your hardiness zone, it's time to start planting! Take some time to explore which varieties thrive in your specific climate. When choosing new amigos, check the description or tag for each plant, which usually features a hardiness zone number or information about the plant’s minimum temperature toleration. Knowing which plants are equipped for the conditions is the first step to a successful garden!

Ready to get started? Browse our Outdoor Collection and keep your eyes peeled for new varieties on the way!

Source: http://www.planthardiness.gc.ca/

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